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veerchahar द्वारा ऑफिस का प्यार
ऑफिस का प्यारveer chahar द्वारा
यह कहानी है वीर और मधु की कामवासना से परिपूर्ण उत्तेजना से भरपूर
MiSKHAN8 द्वारा  Sex With Friend's Mother...👙 👙 दोस्त की माँ के साथ सैक्स...
Sex With Friend's Mother...👙 👙...MiS KHAN द्वारा
हाय दोस्तों मे आप की रातों को रंगीन करने वाली आप के बैठे लन्ड को खड़ा करने वाली और लड़कियों को उंगली करने पर मजबूर करने वाली Sexy Story ले कर आई हु ( सुमन आंटी... और करण...
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Siddyology द्वारा Fallen Hard (Completed )
Fallen Hard (Completed )Jayde द्वारा
Shehnaaz: Sidharth I- I am pregnant we- need to tell the world now she sobbed Same sidharth same shehnaaz with same crazy fandom except with my dellusional thoughts. wil...
sidnaaz_fanfic0301 द्वारा CRICKETER'S LOVE- SIDNAAZ ❤️
CRICKETER'S LOVE- SIDNAAZ ❤️rainbow द्वारा
hey guys....finally am back with another story...... this is gonna be truely a cute romantic and ambitious story of a 16 year old bubbly girl studying in 12 th standard...
singhniki27 द्वारा Kabhi toh Nazar Milao Part 2
Kabhi toh Nazar Milao Part 2Niki Singh द्वारा
The story of Sameer and Naina continues.
sruthilaya13 द्वारा manan- a cute love story
manan- a cute love storysruthi_sru द्वारा
My very first fanfiction story: #1 in #fanfiction on 09/05/2016 for a week & again on 09/06/2016 more than a week (same date.. haha :) ) ..!! Got nominated in The Gem A...
singhniki27 द्वारा Na Jaane Kyon...
Na Jaane Kyon...Niki Singh द्वारा
Naina and Sameer meet each other when Naina comes to Delhi from Agra, her hometown, to join a new office. Along with her younger brother, she settles down in a rented ac...
RiddhimaPaul द्वारा Dil Na Janeya (Completed)
Dil Na Janeya (Completed)SidNaazFan द्वारा
In this story, Sid and Sana both are school students. What if Sana is madly in love with Sid but he doesn't even know about it? What if he loves someone else? What if...
KRV2020 द्वारा Kuchh Ankahi Baatein
Kuchh Ankahi BaateinKRV द्वारा
Another story of Sameer and Naina, their relation starts from School with lots of twists and turns except the one you see in Serial. This is my first story, hope you all...
singhniki27 द्वारा Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao Part 3
Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao Part 3Niki Singh द्वारा
I myself cannot believe that we have come to Book 3 of this story. Sameer and Naina are married now. This book explores their journey after marriage where they settle i...
regularfanfiction306 द्वारा Different Short Stories of Moran
Different Short Stories of Moran regularfanfiction306 द्वारा
short stories of moran *First...os muma papa (⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃(⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃(⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃(⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́ Monu: no karan lete ho jayegen ye isliye darme ker rahi ta...
cheesyburgir द्वारा 𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐫𝐚𝐭
𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐫𝐚𝐭Burgir द्वारा
𝕷𝖔𝖓𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖌/𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖗𝖊 (NOT EDITED) "Can you stop being so clingy for once?" Saying this he pulls out his arm from his tight grip and making her stumble b...
isratjahan15 द्वारा Getting In Her Heart
Getting In Her HeartJiya द्वारा
They say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. "I want you back, because I am not ready to lose my life yet again"~ Kartik ✨
mamta1907 द्वारा Manan SS - LIFE PARTNER by DESTINY (COMPLETE)
Manan SS - LIFE PARTNER by DESTINY...Mamta Amesur द्वारा
The is not my story . The story is written by my friend AFREEN. I am only posting it , so thst u can also read it and its from india forums page. I seriously love this s...
Anumanan द्वारा MANAN FF : LOVE IS MY LIFE (BOOK 1)
MANAN FF : LOVE IS MY LIFE (BOOK 1)Anu Manan द्वारा
Manan...falling in love....oath to themselves to love each other at any cost....but...they say destiny always plans things differently....so does manan destiny too plan...
AStarfiction द्वारा Hope
Hopestarfiction द्वारा
A story about never stop hoping... Whether it is about life or love... . . I started writing this story in 2016 when I was only 17... Yes you read right, i was only 1...
magical_AditiRathore द्वारा Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer magical_aditirathore द्वारा
Story of a girl name avni who get married to a man neil who was already married and the father of two kids and for his kids he marry her. Cover credit: adorable_az
RupaBhulanja द्वारा Dream comes true
Dream comes true Fireflies07 द्वारा
We just see the outer glamour of the Bollywood! Have you ever thought how it functions inside. They are also normal human being like us. The only difference is that what...
Ash_1274 द्वारा 💙 MANAN FF : A NEW START 💜(COMPLETED) ✅
💙 MANAN FF : A NEW START 💜(COMPL...💜🤓❤ द्वारा
💙 It's all about friendship, brotherhood and love. All this story original updates are on Wattpad so I would request everyone to read it on wattpad itself and not on a...
SixteenAgain द्वारा The Reluctant Groom and His Accidental Bride
The Reluctant Groom and His Accide...May द्वारा
Some times the best things in life can come to us in the most unexpected way. Sameer and Naina meet each other and then become an integral part of each other's life tha...