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Princess Autism by Doodahs
Princess Autismby Sophie Miles
Rose Hakim-Lewis is fed up of the constant discrimination at her school. Desperate to cause a change, she embarks on a campaign not only to change her school, but also t...
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Silent Voice by MissLunaRose
Silent Voiceby Luna Rose
Unable to speak, autistic Claire fears she will never be hired. Then an autism organization offers her a chance to realize her dream: to publish her writing and share he...
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Little Miss Different by Doodahs
Little Miss Differentby Sophie Miles
<<differences can divide us... but they can bring us together too.>> Four people - high support autistic and depressed Katie, Aspie Winter, aromantic asexua...
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Autism 101 by AutismInfo
Autism 101by Autism Info
Curious about autism? This resource for writers talks about what autism is and how to write an autistic character. Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disability tha...
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TDF Short Stories by MissLunaRose
TDF Short Storiesby Luna Rose
Join the cast of Thousand Dollar Friend in an anthology of short stories exploring friendship, disability, and the complicated process of growing up.
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Uniquely Me by arianagrande1980
Uniquely Meby Nerd Girl
In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I have decided to share my story with all of you about what it's like to live with autism.
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This Is My Story by arianagrande1980
This Is My Storyby Nerd Girl
Shy and autistic, 17-year-old Tyler Johnson just wants his voice to be heard. Until, he has just been given an opportunity to share his very first story after winning a...
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Equal by LotusWaterlily
Equalby Nonna Ur B. Swax
Tales and points of view of 5 'different' pupils from Wildember Secondary School on their residential Year 7 trip.
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Drabbles by LovelaceTDF
Drabblesby Miss Lovelace
Personal essays, poetry, a mix of everything as I sort out my life. #RedInstead
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Maybe I Just Want A Better World. by Sugarfae
Maybe I Just Want A Better Lily
An inside look at what's wrong with the world and how we can fix ourselves to make it better.
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Colourful Mind by RedPixelheart
Colourful Mindby RedPixelheart
My mind is dark. Very dark. Sometimes, the darkness is so dark it drowns me. Sometimes I succumb to it and sink in it even deeper. And everything gets darker, yet darke...
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A Boy and his A.I by RocketShipDown
A Boy and his A.Iby RocketShipDown
Charles is a eleven year old boy in the year 2107. He's not the most normal child, and this requires him to have an A.I (named B.E.N) that must supervise and assist him...
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Our Colours by RedPixelheart
Our Coloursby RedPixelheart
South England, the 3rd July. Summer fills the town with sunrays and midsummer rain, when Iris moves to the so called "Rainbow Home" for disabled teenagers. Wh...
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The Wizarding World Through "Different" Eyes. by MxTabbiiCat
The Wizarding World Through " MxTabbiiCat
Moving to a new school is tough enough as it is, but throw in the fact that the new school is Hogwarts, and that Mia is autistic, and it's instantly much tougher. Mia...
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