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RELATABLE Autistic Memes by EpicAutistic
RELATABLE Autistic Memesby Epic ASD Human
Some relatable memes about being an Autistic person.
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What Autism Means by AutismAdulting
What Autism Meansby Autistic and flappy
(Edited for ableism and Autistic Stereotypes that may have offended some people.) Autistic individuals may have greater challenges, but with the right therapists, parent...
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She's Not Just Quirky by MxTabbiiCat
She's Not Just Quirkyby MxTabbiiCat
Abbi had always felt different. But it wasn't just that she didn't "fit in", it was more than that. She had little things that set her apart from the others:...
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11 Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person by autie4ever
11 Things Not To Say To An autie4ever
I am a 19 year old girl with autism. As autistic person there are a lot of things non-autistic people can tell you. Some are out of curiosity while others might be inten...
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Always on Your Side (NaNoWriMo 2019) by SheWhoLovesPineapple
Always on Your Side (NaNoWriMo SheWhoLovesPineapple
Fresh into her last semester of high school, Len is feeling confident and optimistic about the future. She has friends she can be herself around, a budding romance, and...
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Things About Me  by Salty_Squid223
Things About Me by Salty_Squid223
This is just a collection of things about myself, I'm not sure how else to explain it. Enjoy, I guess.
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Autism 101 by AutismInfo
Autism 101by Autism Info
Curious about autism? This resource for writers talks about what autism is and how to write an autistic character. Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disability tha...
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Coral by SheWhoLovesPineapple
Coralby SheWhoLovesPineapple
A girl volunteers at a special needs day camp she used to attend. Published in the 2019 volume of Kula Manu Literary Journal. Published in volume 4 of All That's Lit to...
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Please Stand By x Silent Voice by LaughAtDarkness
Please Stand By x Silent Voiceby LaughAtDarkness
Wendy Wellcott wants to be normal. One day, she meets a man that claims he can help her. But are the sacrifices worth it? A Please Stand By x Silent Voice cross over fa...
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Maybe I Just Want A Better World. by Sugarfae
Maybe I Just Want A Better Lily
An inside look at what's wrong with the world and how we can fix ourselves to make it better.
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Why social model of dyslexia and social enterprise  by StephenMcCue
Why social model of dyslexia and Stephen McCue
Why I am so passionate about dyslexia and neuro diversity
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Reasons For My Advocacy-Activism: by JoeyHill9
Reasons For My Advocacy-Activism:by AspieJoeyJay
Reasons For My Advocacy-Activism: I'm interested in and love to meet, talk, and encourage fellow Autistics and the Autism Community in general, through Christlike sound...
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Drabbles by LovelaceTDF
Drabblesby Miss Lovelace
Personal essays, poetry, a mix of everything as I sort out my life. #RedInstead
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Try-State Area by BridgesTunnels
Try-State Areaby BridgesTunnels
According to her brother, high school sophomore Emily Randazzo has "GPS brain" and it's set her route. Emily will live in Brooklyn with her over-protective mot...
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Accidental by PollyLittle713
Accidentalby Polly Little
"Feliciano would be my age, but...Fate chose otherwise." It might be an accident, but it still matters. Lovino knows. So does Feli - but being dead makes i...
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fragmented by lonecosmos
fragmentedby JESS
;a collection of my neurodivergent musings and daydreams- they're very vivid.
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Subtle's untitled feelgood story [WIP] by subtlykawaii
Subtle's untitled feelgood story [ subtlykawaii
This is WIP feelgood story I am writing in my spare time. It's a story about an autistic trans woman making her first friend at university. The intention is to be fairly...
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Obsessively Compulsive by holyfloodlights
Obsessively Compulsiveby riley pickett
It's weird what kinds of things we notice every day. It's even weirder what you can find when you notice everything.
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