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WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (Isaac Foster x Reader) by JordanLahey1424
WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (Isaac Foste...by JordanLahey
Your night was disturbed my two killers but you didn't know it was a reunion with an 'old partner' of yours well an old flame more like. When the information that Zack...
A Cold Embrace by velveteengreen_
A Cold Embraceby 《【velveteen】》
Okay, so... I got into Angels of Death... So here I am. This is Zack x Ray (Rachel) if ya didn't know. There will be excessive cursing and violence, so the rating will b...
Her Eyes by AsheCorinthos
Her Eyesby ~Ashe~
"Those peepers would be his no matter how he got them, even if he had to pry them from her sweet face." -A twisted, broken desire to love a girl with dead eye...
Our Promise by ZackFoster145
Our Promiseby MisakiFoster
Rachel Gardner and Issac Foster have been on the run. Till a unexpected event leads to a awful consequence.. Btw Rachel is 20 and Zach is 27, please leave no hate I don'...
An Unnamed Unofficial Sequel To Angels Of Death. (for my enjoyment - but enjoy.) by miracchee
An Unnamed Unofficial Sequel To An...by miracchee
this story is based off of Angels of death! not to worry, there will be no romantic shipping at all. this story does include zack and rachel yes. the story takes place a...