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Hero? What's that? Is That Food? by PermaSmirk
Hero? What's that? Is That Food?by FreeHuggz
So... lemme get this straight. I'm a loner. *nods* so why the hell am I being put in a classroom of all the main cast of an anime!? *¯\_(ツ)_/¯* Sigh... This Hikigaya Hac...
A Reason to Live by gabriel_2k
A Reason to Liveby Ozymandias
Kuroko, who is the prettiest girl in the show (My opinion), has terrible character traits. So, what if, for one story she stopped being addicted to Misaka, and finds a b...
WHAT IS LOVE ? (Oregairu x Oc) by Harshkaneki
WHAT IS LOVE ? (Oregairu x Oc)by Harsh Katagiri
Well,I am making this story because there aren't many story on oregairu there is only two which are well written and one is still going so meh I taught why not. I don't...
A Certain Loner's Protégé [Hachiman x Yumiko] by VacantThoughts
A Certain Loner's Protégé [Hachima...by VacantThoughts
Yumiko has a dilemma regarding her clique and seeks out one Hikigaya Hachiman, thinking that he's the only one who could help her. Yumiko ends up under Hachiman's tutela...
5 animes react to COTE! by Kawaii_Lumine
5 animes react to COTE!by Lumi-chan!
This is a reaction fic of 5 animes that I picked will react to COTE. Don't expect fast updates since I will only continue writing this fic if I feel like it. I DO NOT OW...
Oregairu Girls Reaction by Noth_Lyv
Oregairu Girls Reactionby
A reaction fanfic where the female cast of Orgeairu were kidnapp- I mean, 'invited' to react at the alternate version of Hikigaya Hachiman in alternate world. This is a...
My Life As An Operator Is Wrong, As I Expected by fraaqac
My Life As An Operator Is Wrong, A...by fraaqac
Hachiman got himself isekai'ed into Arknights, all because truck-kun hit him on his way to school. But hey, at least he met a goddess that gave him something to help his...
Reincarnated Assassin in Classroom of the Elite by Renekton_Time
Reincarnated Assassin in Classroom...by Renekton Time
Summary: During his last mission with Class 3-E, Nagisa Shiota's life became a living hell as all of his classmates, except him, were killed by their enemy. Unable to li...
Labcoats and Loners by BetrayedDreams
Labcoats and Lonersby Betrayed Dreams
Hikigaya was her student. Hiratsuka Shizuka was his teacher. Nothing more. Nothing less. But there might be something between them. It's not quite love. But it is someth...
Oregairu X Cote: Boredome Is Eternal by GreyMc163
Oregairu X Cote: Boredome Is Etern...by Don't Read My Profile Picture
After Ayanokouji escape from the "White Room" and getting his "Freedom" decide to attend Sobu High School looking for some entertainment to reek hims...
Sticky Fingers [Spiderman in the Anime world, an Anime-verse story] by Manofculture9
Sticky Fingers [Spiderman in the A...by Manofculture
I died, without knowing the cause. That should have been the end, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me, it was just the beginning. Getting reborn into a world...
My Life to find the Unknown is hard as I Expected  by Dinakkanid
My Life to find the Unknown is har...by Dinakkanid
This fiction dose not belongs to me. credits to,,An Anonoymous Guy,, https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13303638/1/My-Life-to-find-the-Unknown-is-hard-as-Expected Hikkigaya hach...
Workforce Love || Hachiman x Yukino || COMPLETED by ShitsAndOrGiggles
Workforce Love || Hachiman x Yukin...by oduraWaZ
After high school graduation, Hachiman, just like reality, and it happens to most groups of friends, stopped seeing his 2 best friends: Yukino, and Yui right after day a...
Can I become human? by Kushi312
Can I become human?by Kushi
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka comes to Sobu High in Chiba as his father said if he did that, he will let him complete his high school years peacefully. Knowing him, he decided to...
A Boy's Journey Beyond the Panels by NaruKami4869
A Boy's Journey Beyond the Panelsby NaruKami4869
Tadashi Towa, a high school manga artist with a knack for minor misfortune, meets an untimely end. Reincarnated as the younger brother of anime characters Kousaka Kirino...
Animes React To COTE by YoussefAshraf462
Animes React To COTEby Alya
This is a reaction fic but different animes ( 6 in total) react to Cote. This is my first reaction fic so I will be learning as I am writing. cote nor the other animes b...
[OreGaIru : New Me!] by WrightBrothers7
[OreGaIru : New Me!]by Wright Brothers
What if Hikigaya Hachiman had a previous life? And what if, one day, he suddenly remembered his past life? Will his worldview and his ideals towards society change? Re...
Quintuplets of the Dead by August_Forger
Quintuplets of the Deadby August Forger
When an outbreak struck, our beloved Quints and MCs embarked on a journey of survival against all odds. Will they be able to make it alive with mere luck by their side?
The Bizarre Life Of Tadano  by CharlottesWebnovel
The Bizarre Life Of Tadano by Charlottes Webnovel
Tadano Hitohito was nothing more than your average teenager, but not until he met a girl on that fateful day on the street and began his bizarre life. It wasn't the life...
Shido's Daily Lives with the Spirits by THAN018
Shido's Daily Lives with the Spiri...by HansenHan
Shido was suddenly summoned to a Neighboring World, and was all alone. Fortunately, the Spirits could go visit him and spend time with him. However, a lot of girls in th...