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Karma Miss Nagatoro by Relentlezz41
Karma Miss Nagatoroby Relly Torres
What happens when a school athlete goes to the library to study and four girls just stare at him the whole time with a grin? Imagine that, but there is something that ma...
18Y/O Hayase Nagatoro x Male Senpai Reader by Victor_TheRiper
18Y/O Hayase Nagatoro x Male Senpa...by Victor Hernandez
You're an 18 year old student, who happens to be in the year of high school, Junior year, and yet you happen to be in the art club ever since Freshman....you happen to...
Hayase Nagatoro x Male Reader by WriteGuy1
Hayase Nagatoro x Male Readerby WriteGuy1
You are Y/N L/N, a constantly bored 2nd year that attends Kazehaya High School and is the sole member of the art club. In this book, a 1st year named Hayase Nagatoro tak...
How Nagatoro Started To Date Senpai by Nothery
How Nagatoro Started To Date Senpaiby Nothery
this story is not like Manga,i image it,have fun reading this!(Love story)Type: English
nagatoro x female y/n by YOUKNOWHATYOUDID
nagatoro x female y/nby YOUKNOWHATYOUDID
you find yourself going to a new school.. you got expelled from your old one for causing a ruckus after your boyfriend cheated on you. now you're at the prestigious kaze...
Love Tease (Hayase Nagatoro x Senpai Male Reader) by Jaxon0987
Love Tease (Hayase Nagatoro x Senp...by Jackson’sWorLd
For this story, Y/n will sorta take the place of Senpai, but not all the same traits...Y/n was a Sophomore student in high school, he was a pretty tall dude, and just qu...