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Knockout - Deadly Class by idiotaclm
Knockout - Deadly Classby Kay
"Dude she's a complete knockout, and will knock you out. You have no chances of speaking to her" Lilith Grey was the most feared girl in Kings Dominion, her re...
Assassins at Dusk (KOTLC FanFic) by _Sibylline_
Assassins at Dusk (KOTLC FanFic)by Mallory/Sibylline
Sophie grew tired of the constant Neverseen attacks that were terrorizing the Elven population, along with her friends and family. After regaining contact with the Black...
Two Sided [Lena Luthor x Assistant Female Reader]  by Kenjiro-Kun
Two Sided [Lena Luthor x Assistant...by 💗Kenny💗
You were an ordinary human living in national city, as you thought, when sudden blackouts occur, and scars randomly appear. Being Lena Luthor's assistant, you have a lot...
Rogue and Alpha by alandra_01
Rogue and Alphaby Alandra
Lex is a rogue wolf by birth and her parents left her when she was fourteen in the capeable hands of one of her fathers friends. But he was killed when a pack looking fo...
SOPHITZ Together at last by singswanspringswan
SOPHITZ Together at lastby Sophitz Shipper
SOPHITZ STORY! Sophie Foster is hanging out with her friends playing a game of Truth or Dare when everything is changed. Relationships are formed and friendships are tes...
Lex Luthor x Reader [one shots/imagines]  by violaeades
Lex Luthor x Reader [one shots/ima...by mariah
"We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky." --- A collection of one shots and imagines featuring your f...
the living are hungry hodnes [ lexark ] by jrassickpark
the living are hungry hodnes [ lex...by alex
With the end of the world it brought Alicia Clark zombies, constant fear, always running and checking over her shoulders. It brought her danger and hunger like she has...
Final Frontier (A Post Endgame Loki Fanfiction) by Swissheartforever
Final Frontier (A Post Endgame Lok...by Mary Jo
"And how do you know I won't just kill you?" He asked. "Because you need me. Without my survival skills and knowledge, you won't last a week in the Alask...
Somewhere in another universe by Mariam_AbuRashed
Somewhere in another universeby Mariam_AbuRashed
In another universe, is a planet called Ultricta. The planet is home to many creatures similar to humans, called "Ulters". Normal is different in Ultricta, th...
Cherry Wine {lex luthor} by angelicivory
Cherry Wine {lex luthor}by Ivory Faye
How do you repay someone who has given you everything? {will contain violence, mental health issues, and strong sexual themes; read at your own risk}
Psychotic (BVS Lex Luthor x Reader) by violaeades
Psychotic (BVS Lex Luthor x Reader)by mariah
playlist: http://8tracks.com/riofthesouthernisles/psychotic-lex-luthor-x-reader-2 - "I love you." You bite your lip and look down at your hand. You scratch at...
Unparalleled by LilithMayNot
Unparalleledby LilithMayNot
"Soul Twins? Really?" Ever since Maddi had gotten to meet One Direction she would not shut up about how much I was like Louis. "Oh yeah, and Zayn says h...
Hermano Mayor de Ciel Phantomhive (Yaoi) by GaMeR_206
Hermano Mayor de Ciel Phantomhive...by GaMeR_206
Que pasa si Ciel tuviera un hermano mayor de 19 años? Pues aquí Ciel tendra un hermano mayor, que sera de una especie desaparecida, Vampirius. LA APARIENCIA DE ALEXANDE...
Recovery (BVS Lex Luthor x Reader) SEQUEL by violaeades
Recovery (BVS Lex Luthor x Reader)...by mariah
▪ SEQUEL TO PSYCHOTIC ▪ New hair, new job, new city, new boyfriend. Ever since your encounter with Lex Luthor almost six years ago, you've had to change everything. It's...
Paladins Oneshots (HIATUS) by Tordoholic
Paladins Oneshots (HIATUS)by ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
A series of oneshots with your favorite champions~ I haven't seen a lot of these, so I decided to make my own! -I might take requests! If you want to request something I...
I am Lex by k2ssbl
I am Lexby k
"Lenox Hayes, meet Aleksej Azhishchenkov." A story about living and existing, loving and hating, but mostly about the two Lexes.
Lighting Lex (Nowhere Boys Fanfic) by horrificfelix
Lighting Lex (Nowhere Boys Fanfic)by -sophie-
Lex, Lex Adver hasn't been your golden ray of sunlight. She goes to the principals office every week for something, wears boyish clothes and is saving up for a skateboar...
Supergirl's sister?! by girlofsteelreadings
Supergirl's sister?!by multifandom
What will happen when Maddie finds out she's supergirl's sister! When Lex trys to attack Maddie and her friend she is confused, but Kara finds out a surprising secret t...
Medusa {DEADLY CLASS} by sadnessofsaturn
In Greek Mythology, Medusa was a monster woman with snakes for hair and petrifying eyes. In San Francisco, Medusa was a pink haired assassin who might as well be a myth...
Haru Haru (Bankotsu love story) by LaReineNoire
Haru Haru (Bankotsu love story)by Tressa
Lexori is just another normal teen girl living in the feudal era. But what will happen when she finds herself falling for Bankotsu, the man responsible for ruining her l...