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I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT WARNING) by kevsghost
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT...by kevsghost
-Not a Legend of Zelda fanfiction-
  • moore
  • destery
  • capndesdes
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You're my everything by kylealexjackson
You're my everythingby Kyle
This is going to be a story about Alex Dorame and a girl named Dakota. Dakota is a lonely girl who totally loves Alex as a YouTuber. She meets Alex at HotTopic and the c...
  • alex
  • leda
  • alexdorame
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Moon Drip by RedScarletMissing
Moon Dripby Karina
It is not stated that an Angel shouldn't be "friends" with a Demon, right? If not, where did I go wrong?! Human life is really... something. But I came here to...
  • supernatural
  • ledamonsterbunny
  • angels
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Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance.. (Andy Biersack Story) by phina-pina
Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chan...by Seraphina 💜
Ariella isn't your average girl, but she knows what heartbreak feels like. After her boyfriend of 4 years broke her heart, Ariella put her walls up so far that nobody co...
  • ledamonsterbunny
  • andybiersack
  • story
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If You Think I'm A Mistake, (Kevin McCullough Love Story) [ON HIATUS] by Eruvandince
If You Think I'm A Mistake, (Kevin...by Eruvandincë
Libby is a professional photographer with a strange muse. Everything. She sees beauty in everything. So, when Libby is offered the job of a lifetime, there is nothing ke...
  • rabbit
  • healing
  • boarding
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Our love; Jemmas Story by 1jemjem
Our love; Jemmas Storyby Pikachuu
Jemma, A 16yr old "Emo/Scene/Rebel" moves to the coast. She discovers The Beach for the first time and she falls for a guy. The ONLY one she cant have...The Pr...
  • highschool
  • brokelle
  • fiction
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soft velvet night elves by BRAYZIABUNNYBITE
soft velvet night elvesby nurse joy
Besides, he thought as he touched the side of his leather belt a stick with wonderful carvings of gold and purple vines. He wasn’t afraid of anything around these parts...
  • elves
  • hailedabear
  • ledamonsterbunny
In the end, there is only the three of us (Divergent fan fiction) by kiciuke
In the end, there is only the thre...by kiciuke
For as long as I can remember, it was the three of us against the whole world. Sharing the dark past and having seen the worst side of the world around us, we could rely...
  • dauntless
  • seike
  • factionless
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the Girl Next Door × the Janoskians by http_brokenxsouls
the Girl Next Door × the Janoskiansby Roxanne Meadows
"Johnny Cash said love would burn, But I never thought it'd hurt this bad" - Drown, Front Porch Step
  • jamesyammouni
  • hailedabear
  • ledamonsterbunny
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Love is so complicated( bvb and botdf fanfiction) by irisloveandybeirsack
Love is so complicated( bvb and bo...by Leda
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  • von
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The guys next door •A Destery and Nate fanfiction• by ZephiliaInferno
The guys next door •A Destery and...by Cap'n Abby \m/
This story is based off of two you tubers named Destery and Nate. This is my first Fanfiction on wattpad so always feel welcome to leave suggestions/constructive criti...
  • shanedawson
  • desterysmith
  • ahoynato
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That Girl On Video (Zayn Malik FanFiction) by Horans_Whoreee
That Girl On Video (Zayn Malik Fan...by Mae
Zayn Malik in a boy band known as One Direction watches a famous Youtuber Leda Muir. And start to talk to each other through Via Twitter, Facebook, Skype. They both star...
  • liam
  • onedirection
  • lies
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Drowning In Love // BEN Drowned romance by FallingForAlexandria
Drowning In Love // BEN Drowned ro...by Saphire
~Just read it. To lazy to make a description -3-~
  • drowned
  • ben
  • leda
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I'm Andy Biersacks Little Sister by SamSempiternal
I'm Andy Biersacks Little Sisterby Sammi 💕
Amber Biersack is a 15 year old girl who loves her family with all her heart-especially her brother Andy Biersack and Andy loves her to bits and is very protective of he...
  • amberkatelyn
  • bvbarmy
  • ledamonsterbunny
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Say You'll Mean It (an All Time Low Fanfic) by thatmakesmealiar
Say You'll Mean It (an All Time Lo...by Kate
Melinda is your typical everyday 24 year old. She goes to work, lives in a tiny apartment, and struggles to pay her rent each month. The thought of love never even cross...
  • alltimelow
  • gaskarth
  • band
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