Luke Bryans Baby Girl by CLABC123
Luke Bryans Baby Girlby CLABC123
Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction so please give me feedback! In order to post a new chapter there needs to be at least 1 comment, so comment away if you like it! ...
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Black Glitter *Completed* by CelticGlambert1216
Black Glitter *Completed*by Kallie RHS
When Phoenix Barrow becomes best friends with glam pop star, Adam Lambert, it was all she could have asked for. But when their feelings of friendship grow into something...
  • bisexual
  • drama
  • gay
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ONLY A DREAM by user82055691
A contest entered, then stuff happens.....or does it?
  • adam
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The World Revolves A Weird Way by ziley_42
The World Revolves A Weird Wayby ziley_42
I changed the tital form "beautiful Madeline" to "The World Revolves A weird Way" because the other title was really bad. So um bye!
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Heavy Fire by JacksonTerrance
Heavy Fireby Jackson Terrance
This book isn't one of my best ones. If you want to read it, be my guest. But I can assure you my writing has certainly improved since this one was published. Please, en...
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Adam Lambert Imagines by sambertsspie
Adam Lambert Imaginesby S. A. M.
These are just some little stories that popped into my brain. All of these stories involve Adam Lambert and you, the reader. Any gender stories. Occasional updates. PG 1...
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Quotes Of Adam Lambert by gizemliglambert
Quotes Of Adam Lambertby 🐺
Adam Lambert'ın sözleri 👑
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the aftermath  by mqrvelous
the aftermath by 🔪
set after pacific rim: uprising, jake has to figure out how to deal with his pain and how to talk to nate again, who seems to be ignoring him. the only way to get into...
  • jake
  • pacific
  • one
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Lambert historia nieznana by kingofnothing13
Lambert historia nieznanaby kingofnothing13
Będzie to moja pierwsza książka w tym serwisie, ale mam nadzieję, że nie ostatnia. Będzie to opowiadanie o jednej z ciekawszych postaci drugoplanowych serii wiedźmin And...
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ADOMMY by Tae1993Taemin
ADOMMYby SarışınCivciv ^^
  • ratliff
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The Singing Princess (My Sweet Prince Fanfiction) by Sisterhood_Assassin
The Singing Princess (My Sweet Falitna Bianchi
Melania is the second born princess in Argentina with her five sisters. She loves singing and making people happy. Her father and step-mother wanted her to become the n...
  • shallwedate
  • princess
  • lambert
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Dom zakazanych snów-Adommy by FideRebellia
Dom zakazanych snów-Adommyby Bןɐnɔɐ🌻
Opowieść o relacji między Tommym Joe i Adamem. Tommy jest specyficznym człowiekiem mocno sponiewieranym przez los, na jego drodze pojawia się Adam, który ma być jedyn...
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Comfort me by nero_ebano
Comfort meby 𝙽 𝚎 𝚛 𝚘 𝙴 𝚋 𝚊 𝚗 𝚘
One shot, 606 parole. Adommy!centric | Tratto dal testo: " Avrebbe potuto ascoltare Adam parlare per ore, invecchiare col dolce suono della sua voce che avrebb...
  • adommy
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