Moans from Temeria | Witcher X Reader SMUT by LandsOfTemeria
Moans from Temeria | Witcher X MATURE CONTENT 18+
A collection of one-shots I wrote about my favourite underrated characters from the Witcher series. This book is completely dedicated to (only) smutty one-shots includin...
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  • geralt
  • avallach
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Witcher Male Reader X Phoenix Drop High  by THEWRECKINGFORCE
Witcher Male Reader X Phoenix THE WRECKING FORCE
"Witchers have been around for a long time so long that they are here in the modern age and one in particular is going to Phoenix Drop High School in order to learn...
  • thewitcher
  • ciri
  • magic
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Lay Me Down (Adommy Love Story) by Immortal_Trespasser
Lay Me Down (Adommy Love Story)by Alexandra Lambert Ratliff
"Tommy..." I whisper as I lay my head back against the sofa I was sitting on. His hand slides down my chest softly as his lips ever so gently kiss my jawline...
  • romance
  • adamlambert
  • wolf
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Heavy Fire by JacksonTerrance
Heavy Fireby Jackson Terrance
This book isn't one of my best ones. If you want to read it, be my guest. But I can assure you my writing has certainly improved since this one was published. Please, en...
  • redemption
  • glambert
  • tommyjoeratliff
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Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn-fanfiction by RavenbloodWerewolf
Dragon Nest: Warriors' Ravenblood Okami
'The beasts were attacking Saint Haven. Gerrant, Argenta, Lamber, and Liya were fighting against the beasts. Out of nowhere, a mysterious warrior appeared, finishing off...
  • adventure
  • dragonnest
  • roamnce
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Cruel Twist of Fate (Lambert X OC) | Witcher Lambert by GirlWhoWr1tes
Cruel Twist of Fate (Lambert X OC) One-Two
In the so called Free City of Novigrad, there are tyrants. Those tyrants terrorise us magical beings and I plan to stop them. I am Lyanna Bleddyn, writing this journal e...
  • eskel
  • lambert
  • yennefer
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*ON HOLD* Dragons Love (Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn fanfiction) by Bone_DragonSlayer
*ON HOLD* Dragons Love (Dragon Alexandria
Disclaimer: I don't own the movie or the game I'm just a fan writing a story. This is a Gerrant x oc story as well. Warning:Spoilers
  • kasarana
  • varnac
  • nerwin
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Alisha Lambert || Adam Lambert FF by watermel-on
Alisha Lambert || Adam Lambert FFby a n g e l a
A story about a girl and her love for Adam Lambert. With the help of her friends everything comes together and with their help Alisha and Adam developed a loving relati...
  • completed
  • fiction
  • friendship
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Cuckoo {Adam Lambert} ✔️ by sambertsspie
Cuckoo {Adam Lambert} ✔️by S. A. M.
C O M P L E T E D "I can't even explain this feeling. This surreal happiness overload. It's just... Wow." -This is obviously an Adam Lambert fanfiction. If you...
  • glamberts
  • lambert
  • fanfiction
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#2 If You're Not The One [Rich Scholes] UNDER MAJOR EDITING by NinasLife05
#2 If You're Not The One [Rich Nina
***UNDER MAJOR EDITING*** Jasmine is about to turn sixteen and this day marks a special change in her life. Jaz is one of the typical girls who has a crush on her guitar...
  • mrnathanlambert
  • ekimdrums
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If I Had You (Adommy Love Story) by Immortal_Trespasser
If I Had You (Adommy Love Story)by Alexandra Lambert Ratliff
Vampires and humans don't get along in the kingdom of Airistidia. Airistidia is a kingdom mixed in with vampires and humans. In this world, vampires are superior to huma...
  • adommy
  • montepittman
  • boyxboy
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Adam Lambert: Texting  by oazaAdommy
Adam Lambert: Texting by beautiful love
Jedna impreza może wiele zmienić. Opowiadanie w formie wiadomości. :)
  • tommyjoeratliff
  • tedam
  • saulikoskinen
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Dom zakazanych snów-Adommy by FideRebellia
Dom zakazanych snów-Adommyby Bןɐnɔɐ🌻
Opowieść o relacji między Tommym Joe i Adamem. Tommy jest specyficznym człowiekiem mocno sponiewieranym przez los, na jego drodze pojawia się Adam, który ma być jedyn...
  • lambert
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Adam Lambert Imagines by sambertsspie
Adam Lambert Imaginesby S. A. M.
These are just some little stories that popped into my brain. All of these stories involve Adam Lambert and you, the reader. Any gender stories. Occasional updates. PG 1...
  • imagines
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Adam i Justyna: magiczna miłość by Romeo58
Adam i Justyna: magiczna miłośćby Adam Beckham
27-letnia Justyna to biedna dziewczyna mieszkająca na wsi. Adam to bogaty piosenkarz. Pewnego dnia Justyna i Adam spotykają się. Co z tego wyniknie?
  • adam
  • lambert
  • miłość
The Singing Princess (My Sweet Prince Fanfiction) by Sisterhood_Assassin
The Singing Princess (My Sweet Erin Locke
Melania is the second born princess in Argentina with her five sisters. She loves singing and making people happy. Her father and step-mother wanted her to become the n...
  • princess
  • singing
  • king
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Will You Marry Me? (Adam Lambert OneShot) by Krazykriss4
Will You Marry Me? (Adam Lambert Krazykriss
One-Shot I wrote about Adam proposing! :)
  • marry
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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Quotes Of Adam Lambert by gizemliglambert
Quotes Of Adam Lambertby 🐺
Adam Lambert'ın sözleri 👑
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Geralt of Rivia X Reader (When Worlds Collide) Book TWO by DatWriterWannaBe
Geralt of Rivia X Reader (When Revi Snark
This is the SECOND book in my series, and I do not recommend you read it. Or the first one for that matter. Based in the Witcher universe. We continue to follow the re...
  • book
  • lambert
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Luke Bryans Baby Girl by CLABC123
Luke Bryans Baby Girlby CLABC123
Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction so please give me feedback! In order to post a new chapter there needs to be at least 1 comment, so comment away if you like it! ...
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