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I'm home!  by kiyoomichan
I'm home! by 4 Miya's ❤
Kuroo is a sad boy... He's upset about his first love being in coma and even though he loves Tsukki he can't let him in. 😖
Just breathe  by salemsinss
Just breathe by SALEM
A Tsukishima and Kuroo fanfic but like in another life vibes? This is very short but I will be making a longer version pretty soon!
Love me [Kuroo x Tsukishima] by me13r3
Love me [Kuroo x Tsukishima]by me13r3
Tsuki always love Kuroo with all his heart. They've been dating for almost 3 years. But something happen that might change their life forever. Fighting for love and lif...
Never Ending (Kuroo xTsuki)  by Annoying_Weeb_Gurl
Never Ending (Kuroo xTsuki) by Annoying_Weeb_Gurl
Hi this is my first ever fanfic I've written, sorry if it sucks😅 if this actually gets views I'll post more chapters, but i doubt it will. but if you do read enjoy!😁 ...
a kurotsuki fanfic by drinkingcrotchbugs93
a kurotsuki fanficby drinkingcrotchbugs93
smut to piss off my friend bc he hates this ship lmao i dont even watch this anime.