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Not So Evil [√] by KodaLokison
Not So Evil [√]by koda Kelly
(Wild Kratts)Martin x Reader x Chris by LunaWolfMoonStar
(Wild Kratts)Martin x Reader x Chr...by OfficialsDeadAccount
You and the Kratt brothers been best friends since high school.Unfortunately,You went with your brother,B/N,to Africa.You three lost touch.After 5 year,you are in the fo...
YES CHEF! by sasalinaaa
YES CHEF!by Sasalina
"Chef kalau pasangan Chef masak terus makanannya ga enak, piringnya Chef lempar juga?" -Kirania Queena Maheswari- "Saya bisa masak. Saya bakal ajarin pasa...
Sonic Wild by sargasso8
Sonic Wildby Maraja Sargasso
When a normal day (beating up Eggman) take a sudden twist, Sonic and Shadow involuntarily go on an interdimensional adventure into the world of the Wild Kratts. Stuck wi...
A Wild World (Wild Kratts Story) by katrina101010
A Wild World (Wild Kratts Story)by Katrina 101010
Yup... I did this. You know the drill, no love involved with the reader, if you a hater, then why are you reading this? It's exactly as it sounds. Also, sorry for severa...
Two different personalities season 3 by shratik_love
Two different personalities season...by shratik_love
This story is completely different from other two parts. It's not connected with them. Rishika and sparsh are school friends who were separated after passing out but des...
Please...(Chris X Zach) by EmeliaGN
Please...(Chris X Zach)by EmeliaGN
The Wild kratts are on another adventure when the one and only Zach Varmitech shows up. And Chris's feelings for the evil genius takes over him...what will become of the...
Wild Kratts Shipbook by MasterTofu
Wild Kratts Shipbookby ▫𝓣𝓸𝓯𝓾▫
Yup. This now exists. Every possible ship idea (or just my favourite) in this book for the TV Show, Wild Kratts. Any ships of Chris, Martin, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy, Zach, D...
🥞☕️ Other Plans- Saiouma ☕️🥞 by lowmaedakin
🥞☕️ Other Plans- Saiouma ☕️🥞by hajigay
Post game AU/Virtual simulator AU. It's been 6 months since the killing game, and Angie decides to invite everyone to the beach to hang out, but Kokichi and Shuichi have...
Dino Kratts by Squirtster
Dino Krattsby Rob
What happens when the Wild Kratts crew get stuck in Dino power suits in a remote area know for pouching, without anyway to return to the Tortuga or call for help? Read...
A tazzy story by Adrianne1806
A tazzy storyby Atlas demonic
Shortly after they came back Tasmania to finish chipping the Tasmanian devils they left deciding they had finished tho they left the green Kratt bro who's creature power...
~When You Had To Bid Adieu~ a saiouma fic by Ifreakinglovekokichi
~When You Had To Bid Adieu~ a saio...by Hehehe
This story will have angst so like... yEa it's a fantasy/Phantom Thief AU its Kokichi x Shuichi cuz comfort ship go brrrrrrrrr I'll write an actual description laterrrr
Wild Kratts Oneshots by TheDepressedSans
Wild Kratts Oneshotsby TheDepressedSans
yes, more. these ones are for Wild Kratts. mostly Martin central, since he's my fav I drew the cover art, but I simply traced and colored an already existing drawing bas...
Wild Kratts x Reader Oneshots by QuickStick360
Wild Kratts x Reader Oneshotsby QuickStick360
This is a Wild Kratts x READER, and I only do XREADERS
Of Raptors and Kratts by Loxodonta14
Of Raptors and Krattsby Loxodonta14
The Wild Kratts team have survived the perils of Jurassic Park, and returned to the relative safety of the Tortuga H.Q. But what they didn't realize is that they didn't...
After the shadow [Completed] by shratik_love
After the shadow [Completed]by shratik_love
Love is like roses but thorns are the dark side of it 💔 Witness this story of love and revenge #4 on #koki on 9 April 2021 #3 on #koki on 15 April 2021 #2 on #koki on...
Wild Kratts: The Not So Evil Sister by PlasmaShipping20
Wild Kratts: The Not So Evil Sisterby Wyvern Syranix
While on a mission, Martin suffers a debilitating injury that forces hem to quit be a Wild Kratt member. While recovering and trying to find where he can be of use, Mart...
Saiouma-Oneshots by ShuichiS1imphara
Saiouma-Oneshotsby ShuichiS1imphara
Much fluff Maybe Angst (Cant write smut-)
Two Different Personalities s2🍁🌺 [Completed] by shratik_love
Two Different Personalities s2🍁🌺...by shratik_love
Second season of two different personalities. This story is about raghav and sanchi's son sachin and a girl totally different from him,ketki How will they fall in love...