ANTI-SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB   (  jenzie, layden, & more!  ) by zieglerfuls
━ IN WHICH A BUNCH OF TEENS ARE SO ANTISOCIAL THEY'RE ONLY SOCIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA! [ highest rank: #228 in fanfiction ] [ the brat awards, story of the year 2018 ] © zie...
  • jenzie
  • bryson
  • mackenzieziegler
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The player  by jenziexoxo
The player by Jenziexox
An average girl gets suckered into being the "players" fake girlfriend. But things take a turn for the worst. Will they realize they have feelings for each oth...
  • barson
  • jenzie
  • layden
The new girl // jenzie ? by jenziexoxo
The new girl // jenzie ?by Jenziexox
Mackenzie just moved from Pittsburgh to La so she isn't very popular... in fact only a few ppl know she exists. Those ppl are her new best friends Brynn Lauren and Annie...
  • jenzie
  • bark
  • layden
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Johnny Orlando Imagines :) by madi_marth
Johnny Orlando Imagines :)by mads :)
the title tells all
  • mackenzieziegler
  • johnnyorlando
  • jenzie
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Hannie insta {completed} by annieleblancstories
Hannie insta {completed}by
  • layden
  • kayden
  • jenzie
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Group chat by happilyJenzie
Group chatby Stay Curious✨
*Completed* Hayden has added you to a group chat Hayden has changed the name to "The Cool Kids?" In which a girl gets added to a group chat with the popular ki...
  • haydensummerall
  • carsonlueders
  • lenzie
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Jenzie Oneshots || Smut by johnxkenzie
Jenzie Oneshots || Smutby Katie ♡
• #1 IN LEBLANC IN FOUR DAYS • 2K IN FOUR DAYS • ***COMPLETED*** Mackenzie Ziegler and Johnny Orlando fucking. Every chapter. Who doesn...
  • mfz
  • johnnyorlando
  • smutwarning
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Bullied- Jenzie. by -daisywritess
Bullied- daisy🦋💓✨
{COMPLETE} Mackenzie Ziegler is,you know, that 'it' girl. Guys are desperate to be with her and girls want to be just like her. Whereas, Johnny Orlando is that quiet bo...
  • jenzie
  • layden
  • mackenzieziegler
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FINDING PERFECT ➯ JENZIE by johnnyscherries
  • high
  • dance
  • hannie
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Dared | Jenzie by johnxkenzie
Dared | Jenzieby Katie ♡
"Sorry, I don't talk to little shitheads like you who only talk to me because of a dare."
  • jenzie
  • mackenzieziegler
  • lueders
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√|Secret Identity|Jenzie by Jenziefanfic
√|Secret Identity|Jenzieby •Zoe•
"I-i have a secret identity!"
  • mackenzieiegler
  • jenziefanfiction
  • johnnyorlando
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Help: A Jenzie Story  by happilyJenzie
Help: A Jenzie Story by Stay Curious✨
* Completed* A story in which a girls friends leave her to overcome her battles on her own. Where she fights for more than she can handle • STARTED ON 6/4/18 COMPLETED...
  • johnnyorlando
  • kayden
  • kenzieziegler
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My babysitters a slut ~ jenzie by jenzie_isreal_dirty
My babysitters a slut ~ jenzieby jenzie_isreal_dirty
Hi I'm Mackenzie Ziegler. At school I'm known as nerdy Ziegler but no one except a few people know who I really am. Kenzie Ziegler is a whole other person, outside of sc...
  • jenzie
  • cannie
  • dirtyfanfic
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Bad Boys Cry Too|Book 1 of the Bolt series by Jenziefanfic
Bad Boys Cry Too|Book 1 of the •Zoe•
"If I die, I want you to know, I love you."
  • mfz
  • johnnyorlando
  • kenzieziegler
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falling for you ➸ johannie by perfectlyjulianna
falling for you ➸ johannieby ➸ annie leblanc
Annie and Johnny have been Best friends since Childhood. As soon as they both grow older, They start to realise they can't be just best friends. What Will Happen? Will T...
  • wattpride
  • finnwolfhard
  • haydensummerall
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let her go ; jenzie by thejenzierose
let her go ; jenzieby hayley.
❛ only know you love her when you let her go. ❜ in which johnny orlando tries to save his toxic relationship with mackenzie ziegler. [ status: ongoing ] [ kenzie ziegler...
  • laurenorlando
  • mackenzieziegler
  • hate
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is this love? ➳ jenzie ✔️ by emilywrites04
is this love? ➳ jenzie ✔️by ➳ emily
{COMPLETED} Johnny Orlando is ~that~ guy. You know, that guy in your year that everyone loves? But he's been single since he found his girlfriend cheating with his best...
  • mackenzie
  • wattys2017
  • brynnrumfallo
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❤The New Girl😍 by CannieStorygirl14
❤The New Girl😍by Cannie Storygirl
Annie LeBlanc is a 17 year old girl. She moved from Maryland to L.A. She is going to a new school and is nervous. At school she meets a girl and they become best friends...
  • layden
  • annieleblanc
  • kenziezeigler
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look what you made me do|social media by mich-zy-slaw
look what you made me do|social ta-ra
In which a group of famous kids spends most of their freetime on social media👼
  • youtube
  • friendship
  • model
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POLAROID ➯ JENZIE by johnnyscherries
❝A POLAROID PICTURE OF ME? HUH.❞ 2018. @johnnyscherries COMPLETED
  • jaurenzie
  • layden
  • johnnyorlando
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