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I N T E R E S T [ Wolf X ??? ] by ZainabChawal
I N T E R E S T [ Wolf X ??? ]by I-the-useless
This story is about a girl, who is raised as a boy, and goes to Ganghak... Have fun ya'll :) The art in the story cover belongs to Alexandria Rogers at: https://www.pint...
|Weak Hero| Reincarnated as the Villain's Big Brother! by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
|Weak Hero| Reincarnated as the Vi...by Shuichi Akai
Skai Kaishi got hit by Truck-kun and ended up being reborn as Devlin Na, older brother of Donald Na. Being an older brother was nothing new to Devlin, but the childhood...
|Weak Hero| Hidden Gems [Wolf Keum X OC] by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
|Weak Hero| Hidden Gems [Wolf Keum...by Shuichi Akai
Ganghak was an all-boys school. This blue haired teen was DEFINITELY a boy, right? But unbeknownst to others, Drake Na is actually Diamond Na, the younger sister of Dona...
Weak Hero One-Shots by stilesfan78888
Weak Hero One-Shotsby stilesfan78888
Requests are welcome anytime and I only do character x character
|Weak Hero| Dara Na [Old Version] by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
|Weak Hero| Dara Na [Old Version]by Shuichi Akai
Dara Na, Donald Na's younger brother, attended Byuksan Middle School where he befriended Gray Yeon and Stephen Ahn. He ended up injured while trying to save Stephen and...
Donald Na X Gravy [And Other Short Stories] by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
Donald Na X Gravy [And Other Short...by Shuichi Akai
Donald Na's favorite place to order food from was, surprisingly, Ttosikki Chicken. But his favorite thing about the place wasn't their actual chicken. No, it was the gra...
[Weak Hero X Reader] Romance 101 [OLD VERSION] by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
[Weak Hero X Reader] Romance 101 [...by Shuichi Akai
You just moved to Yeongdeungpo and are ready for a fresh start. However, romance was NOT in your agenda. So why the hell was Vampire Boy interested in you!?
ᗯEᗩK ᕼEᖇO OᑎEᔕᕼOTᔕ , ᗪᖇᗩᗷᗷᒪEᔕ & ᔕᕼOᖇT ᔕTOᖇIEᔕ by SoleilShoyo
ᗯEᗩK ᕼEᖇO OᑎEᔕᕼOTᔕ , ᗪᖇᗩᗷᗷᒪEᔕ & ᔕᕼ...by 금성제 ♥
You can also call this book as Seongje harem . Every short stories , oneshots and drabbles will be related to him .
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by YEETintoNoNeXiStEnCe
Wolf in Sheep's Clothingby YiN
↳ ❝ [𝒲𝑒𝒶𝓀 ℋ𝑒𝓇𝑜 𝓍 ℱ𝑒𝓂!𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓇] ❞ A girl hidden within a school for boys. She wanted to stay with her best friend. Gray Yeon. They've been through almost...
|Weak Hero| Change the Fate's Design by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
|Weak Hero| Change the Fate's Desi...by Shuichi Akai
Donald died after getting hit by the truck. Rather than reuniting with his mother in Afterlife, he was sent back in time some years, but he was reborn as someone else wh...
UNWANTED SAVIOR YANDERE Weak Hero x Reader by LilacReki
UNWANTED SAVIOR YANDERE Weak Hero...by Vroom Vroom
Avoiding fighting is what you would do. Knowing a few tricks did come in handy, but power is held by groups usually. Those who care for you would deem you weak or fragil...
Weak Hero One Shots/Short Stories by IfYouArent2DThenNo
Weak Hero One Shots/Short Storiesby Please Kill Me
I do not own Weak Hero, it's a Korean made Webtoon. If you have requests let me know. I have a story on here specifically for requests. Nov 1, 2021 (311) #1 grape Feb 1...
|Weak Hero| Family Chaos by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
|Weak Hero| Family Chaosby Shuichi Akai
Ashur Na was the older twin brother of Donald Na. Unlike his brother, he was not smart. His grades were so bad that he flunked and was kicked out of Yeo-Il. So now, he m...
incorrect weak hero by liriko_m
incorrect weak heroby liriko_m
i saw someone do this and hey, im already running an incorrect weak hero blog so might as well
The Thrill Of It [Weak hero X Reader] by ilnmvm_
The Thrill Of It [Weak hero X Read...by Nana<3
*DISCONNECTED* Y/n is a typical adopted rich girl who unfortunately got into Eunjang Highschool. She was questioning herself. Literally how in the world she was transfer...
Not all of us have perfect vine references, CHRISTOPHER by BrainDeadBitch
Not all of us have perfect vine re...by BrainDeadBitch
weak hero incorrect quotes, please and thank you <3 Mayhaps a few memes
Wᴇᴀᴋ Hᴇʀᴏ Prompts by dooniesss
Wᴇᴀᴋ Hᴇʀᴏ Promptsby dooniesss
Just read it. Little stories. Incorrect quotes please don't snap my spine, i know im bad at discriptions.
[Donald Na X Reader] Romance 101 [NEW VERSION] by ShuichiAkaiKaishi
[Donald Na X Reader] Romance 101 [...by Shuichi Akai
[Your Name] [Last Name] wanted a fresh start. She wanted to leave her past behind in the US and moved to South Korea. Romance hadn't been on her agenda, yet Vampire Boy...
'That's kinda gay Donald'||•Weak hero gc•|| by IloveItadorisomuch
'That's kinda gay Donald'||•Weak h...by @IloveInumakisomuch
Weak hero gc. Probably gonna be chaos. Also Donald is gay for Gray AND Kingsley. GAYNESS IS EVERYWHERE Ships will be included. Maybe one-shots? Yes. I will take request...
twin trouble by annoyedSilvy
twin troubleby Siliver
what if Gray yeon had a twin brother. Would the history change? this is weak hero x male oc.