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A3! x Reader one-shots by Dreamsans893
A3! x Reader one-shotsby Mari Samui
{🌸 - Spring} {☀ - Summer} {🍁 - Autumn} {❄ - Winter} {💮 - All, 2 Character x reader, character x character[if they're from different troupes]} You joined a company cal...
The Assistant Director | A3! Act! Addict! Actors! Fanfic by PrincessOfTheBlueCat
The Assistant Director | A3! Act...by Jilene Clavido
"Sir? Are you okay?" "I...I'm good." "Something wrong ma'am?" "This guy looks like he's in pretty bad shape." "No, really, I...
A3! - A Director's Life (Fanfiction) by TotallyNotXingqiu
A3! - A Director's Life (Fanfictio...by Chongyun's Writer
Just trying to control these handful boys before I give myself second grade headaches. Life in the Mankai dorm is truly wonderful if not always chaotic so here's a snea...
A3 ONESHOTS & HCS [SFW] by panseggsualpanic
A3 ONESHOTS & HCS [SFW]by ConstantPanicking
Requests: Open ~Slow updates~ Hi guys I just felt the need to write since I've already read through Act 2 aND I'M IN NEED OF CONTENT. So here's my pathetic attempt at wr...
cold prince ; masumi usui by miikages
cold prince ; masumi usuiby niah
you would like to know him more, the sweet little cold prince. 🍑 COLD PRINCE masumi usui fanfiction
A3! Spam Book by LeMystical-Puffle
A3! Spam Bookby ℘ųʄʄƖɛ
I need somewhere to vent, put out my ideas, my writing, and all of that cute stuff