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A3! scenarios by Obiaahwiredu
A3! scenariosby Purple rose🌹
I realized there's not enough books for this game on wattpad so I'm making one.
A3 Short Stories! by Jokes_onmi
A3 Short Stories!by Joss
BLOOM! 🌹 There needs to be more love for my favorites! 💖 Act! Addict! Actors! ❤
Understanding by xXDestinyWritesXx
Understandingby Destiny_Writes
Being a cross-dresser had its flaws, Yuki would know. There were many times when he was confused as a girl, and many more as a girlfriend, which did become frustrating a...
A3! Act Addict Actors x Obey Me  by Plebeians133
A3! Act Addict Actors x Obey Me by Plebeians133
An Obey me X A3 au (like the title says) Lucifer is dragged to the human world with his brother because they miss Emsee. Unfortunately for him, they're scattered in Velu...
A3!: STITCHES (Yuki Rurikawa × reader) by PickleLotti
A3!: STITCHES (Yuki Rurikawa × PickleLotti
SYNOPSIS St. Flora student Aki Fujikage, has had her fair share of crushes throughout her school years - all which that have failed and left her rejected. Yet as she con...
A3 ONESHOTS & HCS [SFW] by panseggsualpanic
A3 ONESHOTS & HCS [SFW]by ConstantPanicking
Requests: Open ~Slow updates~ Hi guys I just felt the need to write since I've already read through Act 2 aND I'M IN NEED OF CONTENT. So here's my pathetic attempt at wr...
A3! x Reader one-shots by Dreamsans893
A3! x Reader one-shotsby Mari Samui
{🌸 - Spring} {☀ - Summer} {🍁 - Autumn} {❄ - Winter} {💮 - All, 2 Character x reader, character x character[if they're from different troupes]} You joined a company cal...
ssc by unicornhorse160
sscby its 3am and I want a box of c...
you ever wanted my secret shame collection??? youre welcome. Also None of the pictures are mine I stole them from A3 (the game) and A3 (the anime) Cybird and rhe other...