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gilmore girls imagines by Eilrahc08
gilmore girls imaginesby Eilrahc08
just some gilmore girls imagines! some of the people are: - Rory Gilmore - Lorelai Gilmore - Lane Kim - Paris Geller - Luke Danes - April Nardini - Michelle Gerard - Jes...
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Revival Fan Fiction by AshleyWheeler1
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Ashley P Wheeler
A story that starts immediately after those fateful four words. How will things pan out for Rory and Logan? Will he be involved in his child's life? Will he still mar...
The daughters of the Life and Death Brigade by Elianne1105
The daughters of the Life and Elianne
Looks like there is another part to the story after all! Both parts will be out soon for those that have been waiting... This is a fun story that I created after watchi...
Blue is my color by sparkl3ls
Blue is my colorby Blue
Sometimes life gets you down but it is important to remember you can get up. But what if you don't? What if your days become dark. What if you aren't able to turn thing...