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Ask or dare Yandere Simulator Male! Rivals by AbsoluteNeonsense
Ask or dare Yandere Simulator Sam the Jam
Ask or dare the rivals anything! Well.. not anything... here are the rules! 1.You can ship :D 2.No hating on ships (because I don't want to start a shipping war...
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Mister irresistible.  ( Male! yansim rivals x Male!reader ) by Arvviie
Mister irresistible. ( Male! Arvviie
( Male! yansim rivals x Male!reader ) ! MAY HAVE NSFW ! (y/n) was a new foreign exchange student at Akademi highschool. Almost immediately, people watched him closely, i...
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Yandere Simulator Oneshots by AbbyLikesToWrite
Yandere Simulator Oneshotsby C r a c k h e a d
Requests are being taken! And this book includes only fluff. And characters include: -All original characters -Male Rivals
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Sucker For A Blackmailer (Info-kun X Ayano) by q_715_p
Sucker For A Blackmailer ( "Pack bags, you're gone witho...
Ayano and Taro were lovers. Until... Taro became cold for some reasons. After the breakup... What will happen? ------------------- Many secrets to find, many things that...
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Yandere Harem? by viakitt
Yandere Harem?by Mystery name chan
(Abandoned) Walking to school and entering the gates here you will meet my stupid so called squad. Osano Najimi - Tsundere Strawberry Amao Odayaka - Baker Dude Kizano Su...
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War For Your Love// Nemesis-kun/Info-kun/Yandere-chan// by KoroOcto
War For Your Love// Nemesis-kun/ Emily
Lovesick/Yandere Simulator An assassin, a yandere, and a blackmailer walk into a bar, what happens? They argue over who's paying. I do not own most of the illustrations...
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The Delinquent's Sister [Yandere Simulator Male! Rivals x Reader]  by D4rlin9
The Delinquent's Sister [Yandere r_u_sirius?
(y/n) Kizuguchi, Umeji Kizuguchi's sister finally enters Academi High, the most famous school in Japan. While she is there, she attract several people and make them fall...
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A Yandere Simulator story (male rivals x taeko/reader x other characters) by Wendigoes_ys
A Yandere Simulator story (male WendiGoes
You have recentally moved from the States to Japan. You were offered a possion at Akademi High along with you younger brother. Your mother had bought a house for you and...
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To love or not to love? (Ayano Aishi x Osano Najimi) by TrashWriter0451
To love or not to love? (Ayano TrashWriter0451
'My heart if for one person, and one person only, my Senpai, Taro Yamada.' But what happens when a certain tsundere tries to take it for himself? Author's note. This sta...
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jealousy much  Ayano x Male rivels by blackandpinkdog
jealousy much Ayano x Male rivelsby blackandpinkdog
Ayano's cousin (if she has one) comes to Ayano's school meanwhile ayano and her cousin are having fun the males rivels became jealous of Ayano's cousin thou they didn't...
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Male rivals x ayano (yandere simulator) by nieechan
Male rivals x ayano (yandere nieechan
disclaimer : I don't own this cover picture I'm born with no emotions I can't feel everything But When I bumped at MY Senpai I feel I didn't feel before Some kind O...
Relaxby Yamete Kudasai
yandere simulator (genderbend) x female!reader Relax, it's gonna be okay Hahah sike ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "I-I really like you." "....wait, um...
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Playing with Poison (Male Rivals x F! Reader x Various) by bakusquad123
Playing with Poison (Male Rivals Oof the Tea
It is your second year of high school. First year at Akademi High School. People there are different. Something sketchy is going on. This school is not normal....
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The Tsudere (Yandere Simulator) by TheDarkOne409
The Tsudere (Yandere Simulator)by TheDarkOne409
Give me a Request of what Character, and I will do it, but reader chan/Kun will be child size
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Info-Kun x Reader by SukiOmaio
Info-Kun x Readerby SukiOmaio
This is no lemon nor lime I don't really find interest in these but I hope you still enjoy this, there may be gore-ish themes in this so please pardon me if you don't li...
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RIVALES MASCULINOS X TN by Noeliarosocondechan
RIVALES MASCULINOS X TNby Noelia_chan_yandere
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Haine de naissance . (Ayano x Nemesis kun ) by Wistarian
Haine de naissance . (Ayano x Alice Dreemurr
Némésis-kun a été élevé dans la famille Saikou. Ayano et élevé dans la famille Aishi. 2 familles se détestant. 2 enfants réunis dans la même haine. Comment cela va-t-il...
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choices •yandere sim• by cloudsandsugar
choices •yandere sim•by cloudsandsugar
male rivals x reader story y/n l/n is new to akademi highschool, and finds it easy to make friends there. she becomes very close with some of these people, and because o...
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