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Random Things by WeAreTheGnight
Random Thingsby The Gnight
Songs, Quotes, How to Do, Short Stories, and other things I find in my really old notebooks
Lovely island by IMinako
Lovely islandby IMinako
A girl that goes for an school holiday what could go wrong?
The Tools Of A Dreamer by AlanPintor
The Tools Of A Dreamerby Jimmy Graph
16-5-8 Lex is setting alarms with low volume all night. One every thirty minutes. It is the shortcut to remember dreams and it does work. More than four dreams per night...
Cum sa supravetuiesti când ești army...
How to DM me for suggestions by Daishikaminari
How to DM me for suggestionsby Why am I still alive?
Just an explanation of how 2 DM me :)
How to Draw Manga by Crazy_Pocky_Girl
How to Draw Mangaby Pocky!!!!
I thought it would be fun if I made a tutorial book on how to draw. By no means I think I'm a professional. I think it'll be a fun experience.
how to do by vansterpowah7
how to doby vansterpowah7
how do anything that come to mine ask me question's i'm answer them xDDDDD
How to Become a successful youtuber!!! by Snowcrushpalsfan
How to Become a successful Snowcrushpalsfan
In this guide there are a few chapters or guides of how to become a successful Youtuber!
Random Notes by Leonyk
Random Notesby Kyn Noel Pestano
a couple of notes i did on random things
My Guide On Being A Hetalian by IcyGreat12
My Guide On Being A Hetalianby IcyGreat12
Rules and things to do and say to express being a Hetalian.
How to go on - A secret date by fly_without_falling
How to go on - A secret dateby fly_without_falling
1. Find a place you want to have the date at ex. Mall 2. Find a trustworthy friend who would help you 3. Invite your friend over ex. House 4. Ask your friend if they wi...