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Halbarry Oneshots by Lbbird88
Halbarry Oneshotsby Lauren
Short stories about the Flash and his Lantern. Occasional guest stars like Wally and the League along the way, of course. And, you know, Iris is in there a bit. Because...
Detention League  by xStolenGracex
Detention League by xStolenGracex
The story of seven teens who are struggling to hide their secret powers, not only from their teachers, but from each other. But secret identities don't always stay se...
Smile For The Camera | Birdflash | by Pokemon_Overlord
Smile For The Camera | Birdflash |by Sinnamon Roll
"Breaking news. Richard Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne, was caught making out with an unknown red haired boy last night in Central!" ✖✖✖ Being the son of a billi...
Justice  League: The  Teenage  Years{Book 1: Complete} by _TheFlashFanatic_
Justice League: The Teenage Yea...by _TheFlashFanatic_
The Sophomores of Justice Academy are all in for a surprise. They are going to run into new obstacles such as identity, sexuality and the true values of life.
Random DC Gay Oneshots by PixeledKuudere
Random DC Gay Oneshotsby Hayden.M
D.C. GAY ONESHOTS Started: 30/05/2017 Finished: 11/04/2019
Nevertheless by Whitefox_cx
Neverthelessby 😗NO_REGRETS😈
Hal and Barry been having confusing feeling for each others and don't know what to do. The only ones that do know are that ladies of course so they'll have to help Hal g...
Guide Me by PatriccThicc
Guide Meby highball
Another halbarry fic I really suck at writing but lack of HalBarry fics out there forced me to start writing my own. cmon Fandom we can do this *Lowkey inspired from a c...
Love shot down by I_LIKE_UNICORNS_TOO
Love shot downby I_LIKE_UNICORNS_TOO
Best friends some say so but some say other wise.
Allen-Jordan | Todo a su tiempo by H3LL_P-707
Allen-Jordan | Todo a su tiempoby H e L L - P
Esta es una recopilación de pequeños momentos, medio serios o cómicos, de la familia Allen-Jordan. ADVERTENCIA: Los cortos pueden ser muy cursis x) Además de que sirve...
Season Three by Lbbird88
Season Threeby Lauren
Wally woke up and he had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered was... Oh God. The last thing he remembered was dying. Season 3 of Young Justice! It's come b...
Robin's Confession by walkerofthestars
Robin's Confessionby Gabe
This story is so genuinely horrible that I wish I could remove it form my memory. Please read something I've written that is recent because this is horrible and not my s...
furture and past... And Universes (HalBarry) #1BOOK by Kitty_waterson15
furture and past... And Universes...by kitty waterson
Hal and Barry are secretly dating, but Barry is hiding something huge from every body. while all the secrets are told, a random girl shows up at the young justice. every...
Birdflash Soulmate/Omegaverse AU by Michiferisbae
Birdflash Soulmate/Omegaverse AUby Trashcan
Okay so I have this book of 300 writing prompt and I found this on that said write a quick love story that ends horribly so the last chapter will be the original story I...
¿Somos amigos... No? HalBarry / GreenFlash by XaVi_19
¿Somos amigos... No? HalBarry / Gr...by Xa-vier
Barry está preocupado, Hal sale a beber seguido Las cosas empezaron a cambiar, a un rumbo donde Flash desconoce, aunque le parece muy curioso, Hal esconde algo, ¿Tan ami...
The Unknown Brothers: Wayne and Stark by ProudHololsexual
The Unknown Brothers: Wayne and St...by Isabel Howlett-Malfoy
What if Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were brothers?
dc And Marvel oneshots (smut fluff) by Kitty_waterson15
dc And Marvel oneshots (smut fluff)by kitty waterson
dc one shots ships. requests available. in this story there will be dc ships of smut and fluff, if you have a request the feel free to request.
Wonderbird Oneshots by Melissastudios101
Wonderbird Oneshotsby Melissa studios 101
Just giveing everyone a little bit more Wonderbird in thier lives. Most of these will come from prompts but feel free to request, I whould love to hear your guy's opioni...
Halbarry one shots!!!! by AngelicaxSchuyler
Halbarry one shots!!!!by Angie
I LOVE this ship so I'm writing a one shot book. Probably another book that will go no where but whatever!!!!!!! I don't own anything by the way.
Gay Oneshots! Superhero Edition by -fuckishipit
Gay Oneshots! Superhero Editionby penny
You ship gay superheroes? Both Marvel and DC? Well then climb on board! (c) @The_Enchanted_Girl for the wonderful cover <3
The Turtle (halbarry) by tashiniii
The Turtle (halbarry)by .
Just a couple of oneshots I wrote about Hal/Barry
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