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Blue Skies And Sunshines(GoYuu Completed) by Clover543isBored
Blue Skies And Sunshines(GoYuu Com...by xXCLOVERXx
High school student Itadori Yuji is beloved by all, which isn't very surprising since the boy is a walking ray of sunshine. It's very easy to love him, delinquent Gojo S...
jjk incorrect quotessss by lampterraccoon
jjk incorrect quotessssby lampterraccoon
why? cuz I can 💅 anyways take this one as a treat- ____ jogo- "you can't buy house whenever want!?" geto(kenjaku)-" he asked for a house" jogo- &qu...
Slowly falling for you (Goyuu) (Incomplete) by Rachel20110505
Slowly falling for you (Goyuu) (In...by rz
Satoru Gojo is a straight-A 11th-grade, while Yuji Itadori is a new 10th-grade transfer student. One is bored with his static and boring life, and another is willing to...
Blue (Gojou X Yuuji GoYuu) by Animelover320
Blue (Gojou X Yuuji GoYuu)by AiHaru
Just a simple fanfic. Yuuji seems to be the only one oblivious to what Gojo is trying to do. And everyone else is just annoyed. The cover was taken from an artist on ins...
^Mr. Rich Boy And The Cutie~^ <GoYuu/gojoita>  by itz_sprinkless
^Mr. Rich Boy And The Cutie~^ by itz_ sprinkless
=pic not mine= [highschool au] contains: smut fluff little angst Cursing and etc ships: Goyuu nobamaki fushiinu Note! Hello, my readers! i hope u enjoy my story. <3 t...
What Waits For Me [Goyuu Gojo X Yuuji ] by Xiariadragneel
What Waits For Me [Goyuu Gojo X Yu...by Xia
Teen Gojo messes with Time and realizes how lonely he is
do you trust me? | goyu by luffyloml
do you trust me? | goyuby zumi
yuuji trusts gojou a bit too much. - I know a lot of people are gonna come at me for this but this is fiction I don't support teacher-student relationships irl /or pedop...
I AM NOT YOUR SON- by lampterraccoon
I AM NOT YOUR SON-by lampterraccoon
Soooooooo,I want an mid battle reunion of yuji and kenjaku with kenja KY just checking yuji's injury,mother hening him,in a mocking kinda way(?) tea so crack who's in t...
'Monster Aren't Supposed To Cry' by lampterraccoon
'Monster Aren't Supposed To Cry'by lampterraccoon
I like time-travel,I make time-travel, "-so me and Ichigo were wondering when should the next meeting for the club be?" numb,he felt numb......itadori blinked...
Why's He Here!? by lampterraccoon
Why's He Here!?by lampterraccoon
"You don't get to act all shy now honey,not after all the sin'ful things you asked me to do" the thing was whispered in her ears as the man slowly licked at he...
[GoYu][Oneshot] Can Satoru has a nightmare? by White-W
[GoYu][Oneshot] Can Satoru has a n...by VaKha
What kind of dream can make the strongest wake up at mid night?
strange event by lampterraccoon
strange eventby lampterraccoon
a bright light involpe everyone that was in the radius of it and for a moment everything was bright nothing else to be seen and than- "gojo-sensei! look!" and...
𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 by -SPINDER
𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬by 𝑆𝑃𝐼𝑁𝐷𝐸𝑅
Itadori's throat felt rough and scratchy his mouth tasted of blood and he couldn't feel his legs. After it's flowing into his mouth, Itadori sputtered out the thick red...
Do it for him/For Us [ Gojo x Yuuji ] Goyuu by Xiariadragneel
Do it for him/For Us [ Gojo x Yuuj...by Xia
come home alpha pt1 - Choso comforting his scared and pregnant little omega brother pt2 -3 - Gojo's still stuck in the seal and Yuuji's trying to get through his months...
red lilies by lampterraccoon
red liliesby lampterraccoon
Geto admits he should intervene to stop any conflict between Satoru and the mini version of Sukuna... But he wants to see the outcome of said conflict. Both Sukuna and S...
Cruel yet Kind [Goyuu] ENG Ver by hanyaseekorhooman
Cruel yet Kind [Goyuu] ENG Verby 1_Reyyy_6
BxB stories! Homophobic don't read! Oneshoot Gojo Satoru x Itadori Yuuji The day that Itadori Yuuji was executed had arrived. But of course his teacher and lover did no...