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Projects by paypaydad0n
Projectsby paypaydad0n
New girl from the hood🤔 already got haters coming left to right😬 will she ever survive? find out and see.......
Untold feelings High-school Series 1 by kyssAlphel
Untold feelings High-school ʏᴏᴜʀᴋʏss<𝟹
Scott is a person who loves to be alone. He doesn't care what others say to him.he just wants to be alone. until sasha came into his life. She was the one who destroyed...
The Nerdy A Richest by SILENTREADERS3
The Nerdy A Richestby Ms.Kaye
Ito ay isang story na aantig sa atin lahat. Isang mayaman na babae makikilala natin. Ngunit sa isang kagustuhan ng kanyang grandfather kailangan niya bumukod at mag pre...
Waiting for someone: A Tale of Patience and Longing  by konanAlvarez
Waiting for someone: A Tale of Rox Alvarez
Angel, overwhelmed with anger, expressed her thoughts about their relationship. "Do you know how I feel about us? We were brought together, but it seems we were nev...
in bed with chris by ilovechrisxsturniolo
in bed with chrisby Chris girl
you are having a sleepover at chris's house, you are his girl bsf.
girl bestfriend. (LESBIAN 18+) by lilyisverygay
girl bestfriend. (LESBIAN 18+)by lilyisverygay
Cute love story. Although not the kind of love you are thinking.
My Overprotective Friend by strawberrysugarswirl
My Overprotective Friendby strawberrysugarswirl
• Every Girl Needs A Boy Best Friend To Help Her Laugh When She Thinks She'll Never Smile Again • ~ Marissa & Devon ~ She is a low key popular girl who is a sweet nerd...
"Sweet heart" by khadija_bhk
"Sweet heart"by kzdl.k
-"Hey Min ji can i have some?" -"No" -"oh come on-" -"what are you two talking about?" -"bro the moment he sees me talkin...
This Is What I'm Praying For by mariepascua24
This Is What I'm Praying Forby Dionisia Marie M. Pascua
Mariella P. Mon was a girl who always dream about. She trusted God, she always trusted by God's will. Pero may minsang napasuko siya tama nga ba ang ginawa niya o mali.
❤❤Imagine stories❤❤ by Ryansolano147
❤❤Imagine stories❤❤by Ryan Vasquez
imagine stories makes you feel like you are in the story like you can imagine the guy or girl you like form school, celebrities crushes or maybe a famous tik tok guy or...
I Fell In Love With My Bestfriend [TeenFiction] >BOOK1♡ by eternity17_
I Fell In Love With My mrs. xoxoo
Book 2 PUBLISHED This story is all about love, a little bit of fighting scenes and ofcourse their first sight.❤❤? But.. is he sweet to the girl he loves.
My notes for you✨ by ONEMINUTETALES
My notes for you✨by ONE MINUTE TALES
This is a collection of all the texts i wanted to send her but i didn't. so i used to write my feelings when she went away in my Notepad. I thought that it might be craz...
Dating a rich (On-Hold) by zoeyaiken
Dating a rich (On-Hold)by a
Unexpected series 3 In friendship where there is only one of each gender, a girl can think nothing but being friends with the other but a boy will always think of some c...
Chasing You by kajolicassy
Chasing Youby kajolicassy
She's my first love I'm just her classmate She's my inspiration But I'm just nothing to her She's Penelope Jane Andrada I'm Savier Edison Montero Savier Edison Monte...
Us by Afroz-jaf
Usby Afroz Jaf
This poem is about what I should write in a poem as a poem.
Future Us by BbySaint18
Future Usby Babygirl
Adriana and Aaron been together since the summer of senior year of school and they been together since. 5 years later and everything changes for them and everyone in the...
The World We Aren't Meant To Be by Lunar_lunaWolf
The World We Aren't Meant To Beby (≧▽≦)
It's about a girl doing her best to improve her love for her deeply fallen crush, but sadly her crush was in a coma for weeks and completely forgot about her and everyth...
Girl Bestfriend ✓ by _aintdennii
Girl Bestfriend ✓by ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ
Is it possible to fall in love with your Girl Bestfriend even if you are also a Girl like her? - Chapters : 28 - Completed - Angst - a lesbian story - Short Chapters Cop...
FONDUE by elenajoeman
FONDUEby Thumbelina Andrea Joeman
Everyone says that boys and girls can't be best friends because attraction always gets in the way, but Landon and Layla never stop them from being BFFs. But when their c...
Devil in your corner  by Eleanor271389
Devil in your corner by Eleanor271389
Friends since nursery, Damian and Angelica couldn't be more different. Their differences didnt matter growing up, but now that they are older they drive them apart, as t...