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Skyrim // Imagines by Muzz333
Skyrim // Imaginesby [Dixon]
Skyrim imagines about anyone and anything
Bound Together (Farkas X fem-Reader) by ShadowB100D
Bound Together (Farkas X fem-Reade...by shadow blood
|•Farkas X Fem-Reader•| (Y/n is a nord in this this story) Y/n's journey through Tamriel was as beautiful as the stories her mother told her when she was a young girl, w...
Too Much Heart ~ Skyrim One Shots + Smut by liilopac
Too Much Heart ~ Skyrim One Shots...by liilopac
The world is doomed to its end, the return of Alduin casting a dark shadow over the war torn province. While the Stormcloaks try to rid their homelands of foreign govern...
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x farkas] by memeslovepoptarts
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x far...by memeslovepoptarts
The blunt realization that life isn't always as sweet as it seems is like burnt honey - bittersweet, and living with two competitive wolves fighting over the same prey c...
Skyrim Onshots by Sarahmeyn17
Skyrim Onshotsby Sarah G Meyn
Oneshots and senerios for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Requests are welcomed.
My Best Companion  by strawberryperc
My Best Companion by strawberryperc
Farkas x Female Reader After curing Kodlak's spirit and the twins of their lycanthropy, you decided to take time to embrace your role as Harbringer of the Companions for...
Skyrim Scenarios/One Shots by imaginesrgreat
Skyrim Scenarios/One Shotsby Hope
Reader insert short stories about your favorite character(s) of Skyrim! I'll take requests in my free time just leave a comment or DM me :)
Running with Werewolves?! by Archaic_NightMare
Running with Werewolves?!by I Write Smut Not Tradigies
"F-Farkas?" You stutter his name, with a little fear in your voice. He looks back at you, and then back at the silver hand surrounding you both. "Your ti...