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Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by pixelatedJester
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend Cannoli
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (I tried to make it friendly to everyone) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)
The Adventures Of You And The Chocobros (FFXV X Male Reader) by RazgrizAce
The Adventures Of You And The Razgriz Ace
Square Enix owns FFXV not me...I just own the book im making There isn't a single story about you and the chocobros on an adventure together so it's up to me to fill the...
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smut by Fantasist14
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smutby Fantasist14
All smut and fluff requests are open! Warnings are posted at the beginning of the chapters. Have fun! Some pics are not mine, all rights reserved to owners.
Yandere alpha trolls x reader  by NiaJohnson1235
Yandere alpha trolls x reader by Nia Johnson
You're just a normal person in your own good life but your life isn't perfect. the alpha trolls are the problem in your life, the alphas wanted you in their life forever...
It Doesn't Matter (Prompto Argentum x Reader) by AuthorMisty
It Doesn't Matter (Prompto FanFictionFreak16
*This story takes place during Episode Prompto, so please be cautious of spoilers.* After Noctis is tricked by Ardyn to push Prompto off the train, (y/n) takes it upon h...
Aquariumstuck Oneshots by BirbBoi
Aquariumstuck Oneshotsby BirbBoi
A whole story of Aquariumstuck oneshots, what could be better?
Yandere alpha trolls x reader pilot  by NiaJohnson1235
Yandere alpha trolls x reader Nia Johnson
You are a young kid (or adult) that have good friends in your life! everythings is fine for you but when you stumbles by Damara she and you become best friends.....least...
We know each other {CRONKRI} {CROKRI} by HumbleBumblw
We know each other {CRONKRI} { *fries baby*
Cronus and Kankri have known each other for years, yet they've never really...talked. That soon changes, when they have that cliche bump into in their highschool year. E...
Kitten Of The Night by frantic_cat
Kitten Of The Nightby Frantic_Cat
Your little paws make little pap sounds as you walk quietly, yours nails clicking silently. You prowl through the darkness, your eyes easily adjusting to the bright ligh...
Magic Gone Wrong by ilceMorningstar
Magic Gone Wrongby Komeri Makara
Cronus is messing around with his magic for the first time in sweeps. The outcome isn't quite what he expected.
Sorumluluk || Aranea Rehber by pozan_
Sorumluluk || Aranea Rehberby Pozan
Hikayelerini yazmakta olduğum ve adını Aranea koyduğum, Spider-Man temelli evren hakkında bilgiler, kolajlar ve daha bir çok şeyin olacağı Nonfic kitap. **Açıklama Değiş...
Kankri learns to shut up by historia37
Kankri learns to shut upby historia37
An AU where Kankri learns to shut up for more than five minutes
Princess Malfoy by stories349
Princess Malfoyby stories349
Aranea Malfoy is the sister of the infamous Slytherin Prince: Draco Malfoy. His shadow lurks over her, but she's got a unique personality. When she joins Hogwarts, will...
giwve him another look. by unamuchachafea
giwve him another the ultimate trash
k so, Meenah is fed Up with CronUs's shit and seeks advice from her best "gill-frond" Aranea. While normally Aranea's cleverness gets Meenah throUgh everything...
"Aranea" by chocolatesRblue
"Aranea"by Azul
Vocalist siya ng isang sikat na banda. Hinahangaan. Sinisigaw ang pangalan niya. Kahit gaano kadame ang nagpapansin sa kanya. Iisang fan lang ang kanyang nakikita. Ginag...
Land of Fans and Music: BANDCAMP by AltUniverse
Land of Fans and Music: BANDCAMPby AltUniverse
Band camp has a meaning to everyone: her life, his family, their hell, and to Karkat, his biggest mistake yet. He doesn't know why he put band on his junior schedule, an...
Yandere alpha trolls x reader 2 stockholm syndrome  by NiaJohnson1235
Yandere alpha trolls x reader 2 Nia Johnson
The story continues , Y/N's day is really good and they hanging out with the beta trolls, but again the alpha trolls are still finding their true love and some strange p...