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Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete*** by romolavinia91
Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***by Lavinia
Dark, riveting, passionate, love, betrayal, revenge, evil Warning!!!! This is a first draft. If you want the new edited version please check out "Royal Pain (Rewrit...
Three Cybernetic Warriors and the Gwain Saga by MaverickHunterRayMan
Three Cybernetic Warriors and
Ark, a Human with Cybernetic abilities similar to Mega-Man X, Leo, a Human with Cybernetic abilities similar to a Ghost, and Issac, a Human with Cybernetic abilities sim...
GR#5: Gale in the Zone by torncloak
GR#5: Gale in the Zoneby torncloak
It's summer break, and Gale has set out to spend it with her friends, but they're drifting apart. Luckily, she finds herself in a group of high-schoolers at the Mayor's...
Super Sonic Warriors: Gwain Saga by MaverickHunterRayMan
Super Sonic Warriors: Gwain Sagaby
Three Boys were looking for the missing chaos emeralds when they were transported to a strange, new, world. What wonders will they encounter? What new friends and enemie...
Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two) by romolavinia91
Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two)by Lavinia
This is the continuation of Royal Pain. The second book to my series of Mark of the Royals. Deva is alive but will she survive her new world as the crown to the vampire...
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold] by xdRemix
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold]by KN-SzN
Only an insert (°-°) Story starts during the end of episode 4 • 'Hello' = Thoughts • "There" = Speech Gwain Saga, it's characters, and it's contents are all ow...
Devi (The Primordial Deity) by VibishaLakshman
Devi (The Primordial Deity)by 𝕊. 𝕍. 𝕃𝕒𝕜𝕤𝕙𝕞𝕒𝕟
Devi. AdhiParaSakthi. Mahadevi. Who is she? She is the energy behind the universe, the core of all life. She is creation, preservation, and destruction. She is the end a...
SOMETHING BEYOND FRIENDSHIP is a story with a tagline #whereheartsmelt It is a Fan Fiction of our cuties Ashwin, Sivaangi & a few other CWC cast... ✨CAST ASHWIN KUMAR IN...
The Gwain Saga's End by Agent_I
The Gwain Saga's Endby TrueAgent_I
Watch Geo Exe's Gwain saga. Very good. Enjoy. Remember to vote and follow. All rights of original characters to GeoExe. One other human enters The Arena. He proves to be...
Gwain Saga: PROJECT SOVEREIGN {ON HOLD} by The_Smoker
Gwain Saga: PROJECT SOVEREIGN { Smoker
Gwain Saga belongs to GeoEXE. on YouTube. OCs are mine. With some crossover. #3 in Marlow #2 in Geo
Yudhisthira-- Jaya through his eyes by Beauty01Illusion
Yudhisthira-- Jaya through his eyesby Mohana
A humble attempt to portray some snippets of the huge epic Jaya aka Mahabharat through the eldest Pandava, Yudishthira's eyes. He is going to explain and clarify each o...
Gwain Sage: Coming of Xylo by GabrielTFA
Gwain Sage: Coming of Xyloby GabrielTFA
In secret Xylo tried to find a way to escape from the Underworld and the clutches of his father, Hades God of the Underworld, and meet his friends again. When he found a...
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The Enlightened One by ghyguh
The Enlightened Oneby María Iscar
This is the story of a child who was given the powers of the Enlightened One known as Buddha along with some pretty haxed cheat-like Item.
RINAI HUJAN BERSAMAMU by Hadigantarafams_
RINAI HUJAN BERSAMAMUby Hadigantara Family
Sebuah cerita yang menggambarkan sepasang muda-mudi yang memiliki banyak perbedaan dan mereka saling jatuh cinta. Akankah mereka bisa bersatu?
Best Friend? by itsleirion
Best Friend?by l i l y
"But there is something more than that."
Gwain Saga Preferences by SuperWeebGirl
Gwain Saga Preferencesby Ruka Kiriyuu
I thought of this book in the back of my head so i'm doing it now! Characters you will see: ♪•Geo ♪•Ami ♪•Angi ♪•Maybe Deva And I will add more later on if requested or...
Terima Kasih Cinta by ratrinathaniel
Terima Kasih Cintaby ratridiana
CAST : 1. Irsya Putra / Irsya 2. Deva Reynand / Deva 3. Alvin Mayza / Alvin , Ayah Zella & Karin 4. Anggrek DaviZella / Anggrek , Bunda Zella & Karin 5. Radyana Putra...
The Great Gastby by Pavanvs
The Great Gastbyby Pavan Vijay Sangolli
The Great Gatsby, third novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925 by Charles Scribner's Sons. Set in Jazz Age New York, the novel tells the tragic story of Jay Gat...