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Our Wedding by raylorandrew
Our Weddingby raylorandrew
Aarav Sharma. Oreeti Khajuria. Two Strangers. Different Lives. Different Professions. But Brought together by an Arranged Marriage.
Balika vadhu .... by KanakSrivastav
Balika vadhu ....by Kanak Srivastav
so guys this story is about child marriage which is totally illegal in today's generation. this story basically belongs to that generation where child marriages happens...
Love Is All I Ever Wanted... by background21
Love Is All I Ever Wanted...by Neetha Sai
A girl who grows up not knowing anything about mother's love and tries her best to win the Father's love who is the only family she has. But alas, her father is a man w...
The Psychs by TaeMyGawd
The Psychsby TaeMyGawd
Jeongguk thinks Taehyung is getting possessed by an evil spirit. Why else would Taehyung behave like a wild beast every once in a while? While Taehyung joins a gang nam...
Creepypasta Rituals by Spooky_Nightmare
Creepypasta Ritualsby .Nattsvermer.
Creepypasta Rituals, I don't own any of this stories or experiences. Do them if you are brave enough. WARNING: be careful with your decisions, is dangerous to do this r...
"Ghoulette of Lust" by crashhat
"Ghoulette of Lust"by Crashhat <3
A Ghost x F!OC story. Paradox is just a regular girl in a regular neighborhood. She one day attends her first ritual. After the ritual she starts noticing herself acti...
The Arranged Marriage by pragativerma
The Arranged Marriageby pragati verma (pari)
The pairing was done, the guests were called, the dresses were ready and so were the bride and the groom but ..... Editing credits: Debjeet Majumdar Special thanks t...
Ϧϴϣ δϴϣͷ ϯϴ ϒϴῠr ϭϴδ (Reader x Sonic.Exe) discontinued by CharamelaApple
Ϧϴϣ δϴϣͷ ϯϴ ϒϴῠr ϭϴδ (Reader x Son...by 𝙰𝚣𝚣𝚒𝚎
I don't own this Creepypasta or any sonic characters. All I own is the plot of the story. --------------------------- Your a cult leader desperate to make a friends with...
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Learning to Love {NEW FAIRY TAIL NALU FAN-FICTION!!!!!!!!} by truth000
Learning to Love {NEW FAIRY TAIL N...by truth000
A story of magic, friendship, decisions, and finding true love. Lucy has been secretly in love with Natsu for a while, yet she feels so distant from him because of Lisa...
Creepypasta rituals   by _Red_Phantomhive_
Creepypasta rituals by _Red_Phantomhive_
Uhh.. Heyho :) I know some creepypasta Rituals and I am gonna tell you guys the rituals and sometimes my experience. If you guys want you can suggest creeps you want to...
Research of the 'Unknown' by SlytherinVixen
Research of the 'Unknown'by SlytherinVixen
We have all heard something go bump in the night, yet have you ever wondered why? In 2014 there was a reemergence of a kind in the interest of a community that surrounds...
The Goddesses Pupil by Nxtxy4m
The Goddesses Pupilby Lia/Yamyam
Aphrodite, The goddess of Love and Beauty, The Rose of the God's and the Literal meaning of Perfection. But what happens if that Reputation will reveal her true Feelings...
The Green Witch Diaries by quinnkdyer
The Green Witch Diariesby Quinn K. Dyer
A collection of information on various magical & medicinal herbs based on my personal Book of Shadows. Each entry includes original artwork, folklore, a small growing g...
A Boy Adrift by zerozaki_Zen
A Boy Adriftby zerozaki_Zen
It happened when the water gobbles up the world, only a few islands remains and those who survive they just continue their lives. They have no choice but to adapt to the...
Creepypasta rituals by the_insane_fox
Creepypasta ritualsby the_insane_fox
this is a book of summonings and spells for various creepypasta. for example slenderman , Jeff the killer , or even one of the popular ones eyeless jack. but this is for...
A Fatal Kiss by rachel2k22
A Fatal Kissby Rachel
He betrayed her, broke her, and then vanishes without a trace. Now Ava has to piece together the fragments of her ex-husbands dark past, and discovers something she wish...
True Horror by butter_tae_scotch
True Horrorby ✨Nina✨
If you get easily afraid, then this book is not for you. Better read it in dark. All credits to the rightful owners.Hope you guys will enjoy it. ACHIEVEMENTS #3 in cree...
Revival by xxSinxx
Revivalby C.J Lazaro
My name is Blaire Augustine. I never believed in witches and magic. Everything changed the day I died.
Creepypasta Rituals by DietCoke40
Creepypasta Ritualsby CokeyCola
Ever wanted to meet your favourite killer face to face? Nows your chance. Join this amazing book of horror and creepypasta! I mean, who doesn't love it!?
Scary Rituals by kiibosknees
Scary Ritualsby alex
If you wanna either be followed by a ghost all day long, to grant a wish, or play with a doll, these rituals are for you. WARNING: Not for the faint heart. It's best no...