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Criminal Minds by SWEETDEAL56
Criminal Mindsby Shinyrhinestones
Here are fics about Criminal Minds characters X Reader. I only write for Spencer Reid and Elle Greenaway. These were published on my Tumblr: Shinyrhinestones. All of th...
Mini Genius by babygirldawn187
Mini Geniusby Luna Lokidottir
A tooth rottingly sweet fluffy story about Spencer Reid and his daughter Anabel. Lots of Dad!Reid, since we were cheated out of seeing it in the show! I own none of the...
spencer reid one shots by magicianstricks
spencer reid one shotsby magicianstricks
one shots about everyone's favorite resident genius originally posted on my tumblr @/spncersreid
The Price of Happiness  || Spencer Reid by glassesreid
The Price of Happiness || priyal
Money can't buy happiness. As a man of logic and science, Spencer Reid knows that. But when he strikes a deal with Y/N Y/L/N, one of his students, he starts to question...
Chardonnay Confessions by homosexualyearning
Chardonnay Confessionsby mars
JJ gets drunk and confesses her feelings for Emily. Pairing: Emily Prentiss x Jennifer Jareau Content Warning: drinking / alcohol Word count: 3k * this is my first fanfi...
Spencer Reid Fluff by uhhhkaitlin
Spencer Reid Fluffby kaitlin
Some fluff for Boy Wonder, Dr. Spencer Reid!
Spencer Reid Imagines by spenceaween
Spencer Reid Imaginesby spencerasf
Spencer Reid Imagines! Leave requests in the comments as well as any comments you wanna leave Hope yall enjoy! I try to work really hard on these.
Nando's by homosexualyearning
Nando'sby mars
i recently had a conversation with a friend in which i was giving her shit for not loving whataburger (a food chain that's popular in parts of the south of the united st...