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Welcome to Camp Wolf Creek there is certain rules to follow very simple rules at that nothing more: Run. Hide. Lock your doors. Board the windows. Tell no one. And the m...
Forced to be a baby. Creature Feature. by one-wierd-chick
Forced to be a baby. Creature Angel Raincrest
Erik is forced to be a baby by his friend, Curtis. Now Erik has to sleep in a crib, wear and use diapers, and has to call Curtis "Daddy" and if Erik disobeys C...
Independence can be a bad thing. Creature Feature. by ABDLuniverse
Independence can be a bad thing. Little Miss Auvray
Curtis thinks his son, Erik, is too independent for his age. Never asking for help when he needs it and always wanting to do stuff on his own. Curtis decides to do regre...
Brotherly love.Creature Feature fan fic. by one-wierd-chick
Brotherly love.Creature Feature Angel Raincrest
Curtis and Erik are close friends, they consider themselves brothers. Sometimes Erik does some stupid things and Curtis has to show him tough brotherly love.
Random things. by NokariUchiha
Random Flames
Just random things I found or did with Curtis and Erik :/
Trevor Henderson Monsters stories. by NightLightPro
Trevor Henderson Monsters Isabelle
I may put up narration videos on my channel for some of these, but these are just stories I'm writing for the time being. Also, I may add my own Henderson-related scp/cr...
Our 6 Foot Saint.   (Memeulous x reader) by MoxyXxxx
Our 6 Foot Saint. (Memeulous x Flip My Bunz
Get clapped m8 Piftin till I die Who I wrote this art with ---> @honeystopNOW
The Angel and the Hunter Collection by Laura-the-bard
The Angel and the Hunter Collectionby Laura Mitchell
A collection of the adventures of Kida, a monster hunter, and Levi, her (literal) Guardian Angel. Short stories with a floating timeline. Read out of order if you wish...
Road Trip by NokariUchiha
Road Tripby Flames
Just an idea I had of the Creature Feature duo, they're on a very long road trip and end up lost. I don't know how to explain other then be ready for a trip.
(Creature Feature story that will be named soon) by NokariUchiha
(Creature Feature story that Flames
This is a story based off of a roleplay I did with Nerdy_Blackstar that will be quite long on some parts. Hope ya don't mind!
The Shadowless Villain by zerenette
The Shadowless Villainby zerenette
An immortal woman with a strong heart seeking for VENGEANCE. Will she able to win against the antagonist and avenge her parents if the one that she's been waiting to be...
Sleuth. by noelleta
#12 Noelle
The individuals left mutated by the radioactivity post nuclear war have been all but completely exterminated. For those who linger, the government has developed a method...
Creature Feature Song Parodies! <3 by RandomPerson1222
Creature Feature Song Parodies! <3by Curtis Rhexis
These are song random, crazy, funny song parodies I made involving Creature Feature! :D <3 The original song is provided at the top so you can read along with it. :P...
The never ending chase by LetMeGrabAPen
The never ending chaseby The Secret Scribe
Teuy has been running pretty much his whole life which given the circumstances is a very long time. He is trapped in a paradox being chased by a canine of monstrous prop...
To Atone Will Be The Death Of Me by HellaGoodFanfic
To Atone Will Be The Death Of Meby HellaGoodFanfic
(Creature Feature wattpad competition entry) James fought in Vietnam, discharged after being retrieved from his time held as a PoW in the Vietcong base. Returning home;...
Come With Me Then (Creature Feature) by RandomPerson1222
Come With Me Then (Creature Curtis Rhexis
Erik has had enough. He can't go one with life, so he decides that life isn't the answer. But he meets a man who seems to want to change that. Someone he can trust. But...
The Twilight Zone In Creation by EmEmWolfie
The Twilight Zone In Creationby melissa c. hart
Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all. ~ Douglas Adams I was...
Summerside by Samjones73
Summersideby Samjones73
In a small town in Ontario, during the mid-90s, Jackie Williams, chief of police, rolls out of bed to begin her morning routine when a dead body is called in. Surprised...
Don't Look Back by BeatingHeartsBaby
Don't Look Backby She Who Shall Not Be Named
This is my entry for the Wattpad @fright CREATURE FEATURE contest. I thought I'd give this horror thing a try, I hope you guys enjoy!