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Trap House Imagines (Completed) by It_Be_Me24
Trap House Imagines (Completed)by Uncommon_User
Hops you enjoy the book guys!!!🖤
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TFIL X Reader Oneshots  by writersblock9985
TFIL X Reader Oneshots by writersblock9985
Read the title I can't think of anything 😅 Requests Are Open
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The Fun In Life :  Adopted by Corey Scherer by tHis_Is_tHe_BbC
The Fun In Life : Adopted by The 70s Man
Rory can't find a right home. She's seventeen and is living on the streets. She can't stand the foster homes they put her in, and most of the time, they can't stand her...
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Saved by Colby Brock by ayye_its_sam_04
Saved by Colby Brockby Samantha Jones
Colby and Sam find a young girl that's in pain in an abandoned building will they help her or leave her.
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road trip // Colby Brock x Y/N by JarOfLies
road trip // Colby Brock x Y/Nby 💕 ℓσνєя вσу 💕
A simple high school friend of THE Sam and Colby reunite. Just like Colby says, Take Chances, for the one he soon finds love for.
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Secrets [A Sam Golbach story] by Statechamper
Secrets [A Sam Golbach story]by Statechamper
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Solby - Stitches by TylerDanish
Solby - Stitchesby Tyler Danish
"Shit, shit, shit" he whispered frantically as he leaned over to get toilet paper which he quickly wrapped around his arm. He was sitting on the bathroom floor...
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Just Another One Of The Boys.  (A Colby Brock Fanfic) by burrbarnesbrock
Just Another One Of The Boys. ( Carissa Ann
Skye grew up with Elton Castee. He's a few years older, but he's a close family friend and basically a big brother to her. What happens when he comes to her college grad...
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Truth or Dare? // c.b by hunniebooks
Truth or Dare? // c.bby save the honey bees
They both liked each other. When a dare takes a turn, would it be for the best or for the worst? - - - - STARTED: NOVEMBER 19TH, 2018 FINISHED:
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Colby Brock Imagines by It_Be_Me24
Colby Brock Imaginesby Uncommon_User
So most of these will be from Tumblr, unless said different. Enjoy the book!! 💙 (currently on hold)
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Secrets //Colby Brock Smut by DaddyBrock_
Secrets //Colby Brock Smutby daddy colby
Tara forced her sister to go to a party with her. Along the way she meets a guy named Colby Brock. But, can there secret stay hidden?
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Psycho Love  by cb_imagine
Psycho Love by colbae💙
A young girl, only 19- kicked out by her submissive and careless parents. She roamed around for hours, trying to find at least a hotel to stay. Desperate to escape the c...
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Recently Deleted//Colby Brock Love Story// by peter_pans_lost_one
Recently Deleted//Colby Brock DEEZNUTS
Sequel to 'Reported' Alice finally returns from tour. Even though their relationship was on the rocks, during a long distance period in their relationship, she's more t...
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Colby Brock  x reader imagines 🖤 by colbybrockimagines_
Colby Brock x reader imagines 🖤by colbybrockimagines_
So I decided to make this book because why the heck not? Jk, I just had a lot of imagines in my mind and now want to share them. 🖤 Edit: highest rating for this book- #...
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this is gonna be posted on my insta as well (cute.colbs.x). idk what is gonna happen but we are gonna just go with the flow
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Falling For Your Brothers Bestfriend  by CierraSeavey
Falling For Your Brothers CierraSeavey
Your only 19, Your brother is Jake Webber and you guys are really close, but you had a big crush on his best friend Mike for almost 3 years now. Your brother Jake would...
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TFIL and friends, consists of lemons, smuts by IAmWildWomen
TFIL and friends, consists of IAmWildWomen
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Falling For One by brockedits14
Falling For Oneby brockedits14
Taylor finds herself in a sticky situation while in New Zealand. She was born and raised in LA. That's as much as I can tell you otherwise what's the point of writing wh...
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The end of all ends (adopted by sam golbach and Katrina Stuart) by callmebecc
The end of all ends (adopted by callmebecc
¨After all this time, you really loved me?" she said, as her tears slowly dried up. "Of course! You're my nerd! How could I not love you?" Mac is only 15...
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Growing up\\ Colby Brock instagram by laneylove38
Growing up\\ Colby Brock instagramby Ava
Hey guys So this is book 3 of my instagram series!! Read book 1 and 2 to understand this one😂
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