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Warriors: Blossomfall's Reign(Sequel to WBI) by CrazystarThunderClan
Warriors: Blossomfall's Reign( Crazystar
Major spoilers ahead. Please read the first book, Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity(WBI) first. Welcome to the sequel! A mysterious rogue has destruction planned for all...
Pride Book 1: The Great Migration by blossomstar126
Pride Book 1: The Great Migrationby Elly
On the African plains, beasts with claws and teeth live. Jackalberry is a lion cub with a strong attitude who's life didn't start out all that great. He now has to survi...
A Twisted Reigh by Blossomfall4eva
A Twisted Reighby Blossomfall4eva
Moons go by when Bramblestar is ruling ThunderClan. Squirrelflight, his deputy, dies cruelly by a fox attack at camp. It, luckily, doesn't do much damage to the camp. Bu...