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Angels and Demons by Dragon_Ryder
Angels and Demonsby Dragon_Ryder
[Book 1 out of 3 of Angels and Demons] [Lab Rats x Reader] "I-I'm sorry." ~~~~~ A ruthless killing machine, thats what she was. She never backed down, she neve...
The Forgotten Bionic (~Lab Rats FF: Season 2~)-COMPLETED- by kate8800
The Forgotten Bionic (~Lab Rats Misfortune
Destiny thought she could hide her secrets away, but one incident made her reveal everything from her past. How will her family react to it? Will they kick her out or wi...
Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Reader) by RandomFandoms821
Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Kat
You've been on the Bionic Island for the whole time it's been open. You were never on Krane's side. You had a form of mind bionics that kept you from it. On the island...
Extra Bionic Sister by Chaeyeonbiased
Extra Bionic Sisterby Chaeyeonbiased
(On Hold for Now) What if I told you that there was another bionic person living in Davenport's lab. Meet Julia Davenport. She was the fourth bionic made and is the sist...
Lab Rats: The hot new girl by rockergirlz
Lab Rats: The hot new girlby rockergirlz
Dianna is the sister of Marcus and daughter of Douglas. Her Mission: to make them trust her and then kidnap them What happens when she befriends them and like them? whi...
Secretly Super| Lab Rats by caler_jo_hyden
Secretly Super| Lab Ratsby Caler Jo Hyden
In which a secret superhuman befriends three teen bionic heroes. All rights belong to the creators and producers of the Disney television show Lab Rats. I only own the...
Black Arrow: In This Together by Kiss_Me_Sweetie
Black Arrow: In This Togetherby Rebecca
New Life. New Drama. New Powers. Luna has just been through hell or more like is still going through it. Her mother is dead, her dad is alive, her brother betrayed her...
Lab Rats Chase X Reader by Pandalion23
Lab Rats Chase X Readerby Pandalion23
Lab rat's is a great show on disney channel and i love chase davenport, so i thought a reader love story was a great idea. So enjoy fellow reader's!
(Chase Davenport x Reader) My bionic babe by Girliplier8
(Chase Davenport x Reader) My Doodliplier
(Under revisions) Victor Krane has given you one job, kill chase davenport...and tear the family apart. But there is one problem, as soon as you see him you fall in love...
Everyone Can Be a Hero! (Chase X Reader) by AkiyoHokoshima2112
Everyone Can Be a Hero! (Chase X Akiyo Hokoshima
After Reese betrays Chase, Mr. Davenport adds two new members to the team. Chase overthinks everything and freaks out. Bree has become more protective then ever, Kaz is...
Dangerous (Iron man fanfiction) by bionic_mermaid
Dangerous (Iron man fanfiction)by bionic_mermaid
Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Victoria Serenity. Bionic, Invisible, Secret Hero. Tony Stark is a worldwide known superhero, member of The Ave...
Chase Davenport x Reader: The Truth by always-_-me
Chase Davenport x Reader: The Truthby Ani
Y/n comes to Mission Creek and ends up falling for a specific Bionic-Human
A Lab Rat and A Cheerleader: An Epic Bionic Love Affair by theatre__geek
A Lab Rat and A Cheerleader: An theatre__geek
Viola Winters is what every teen movie explains as popular. She's pretty, a cheerleader, and dating a football player. Yet she isn't happy with her life it isn't until a...
Elementally Bionic [SLOW UPDATES!!!] by smileyface259
Elementally Bionic [SLOW smileyface259
PREVIOUSLY TITLED MY BIONIC BROTHER Willow Davenport was living her normal life of being a Lab Rat when her new Step-Brother Leo discovers her and her three siblings. No...
Angels and Demons by Dragon_Ryder
Angels and Demonsby Dragon_Ryder
[Book 2 out of 3 of Angels and Demons] [Lab Rats: Elite Force x Reader] "Ah, I see what's going on. Are you jealous?" "What? No! I happen to know a thing...
Teenage Dream • C. Davenport  by davenportslab
Teenage Dream • C. Davenport by davenportslab
"You think I'm pretty without any make-up on You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong I know you get me, so I let my walls come down&qu...
Angels and Demons by Dragon_Ryder
Angels and Demonsby Dragon_Ryder
[Book 3 out of 3 of Angels and Demons] [Lab Rats: Elite Force x reader] "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." "You make me happy, when the skies are gr...
Phoenix Fate by Charis0099
Phoenix Fateby Charis
A Prince Series Fanfiction After World War 2, Arimight has completely isolate themselves from outsiders. Their battle wounds caused by other countries were never healed...
Redemption  by AcroAng
Redemption by LAB RATS FOREVER!
Flash Back "I am so sick and tired of not be being appreciated by anyone around here. You guys have no idea how it feels, and you guys don't even care!" I grow...