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Math Is Math (Baldi x Reader) by Inkfinite98
Math Is Math (Baldi x Reader)by Inkfinite98
You were in fact, one of the smartest math students in your school. were sent to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Will Baldi be able to handle you...
  • baldisbasics
  • violence
  • baldixreader
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1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Reader by ZeroCiro
1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Readerby daily bleach
You and Baldi have been best friends since the 7th grade! How will he react when he finds out your secret feelings for him after all these years? Credit to angerissue fo...
  • coworker
  • baldi
  • xreader
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||Remenber me?|| Baldi x Female reader by ChakieFandom_exe
||Remenber me?|| Baldi x Female Welcome to my relax,honey
While you were cleaning the cellar from useless items, you found a game that you did not remember, Chris gave it to you for your birthday but for some reason you do not...
  • learning
  • baldisbasicsineducationandlearning
  • basics
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No Worries! {Baldi X Reader} by AngelMasterMind
No Worries! {Baldi X Reader}by The obsessive AngelMasterMind...
  • baldimore
  • baldi
  • baldixteacher
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Baldi x Reader |Ever since you came| ⚠DISCONTINUED⚠ by _Sbeve_
Baldi x Reader |Ever since you Mc'Yeet
You were a shy quiet 19 years old girl that has failed math due to anxiety and how much stress it gives you and is now sent to summer class by your abusive mother (Fucki...
  • fluff
  • bbieal
  • obsession
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Baldi x Reader by magmawolverine
Baldi x Readerby FeelFreeToMessageMe
You have just arrived at you new school with new classmates and a new environment. Mr. Baldi is your homeroom teacher who also greets you every time you come to school...
  • baldixreader
  • baldifanfiction
  • baldilemon
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Baldi x Reader ~Dangerous Lover~ by loving_mermaid
Baldi x Reader ~Dangerous Lover~by Lass_uns_traumen
This is a Baldis basics x reader! Where you, fall in love with an insane summer school teacher and change his heart. And yknow maybe learn some math. ⚠️WARNING THERE WIL...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • truelove
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Baldi basics oneshots/SmutShots by x_Playtime_x
Baldi basics oneshots/SmutShotsby P l a y T I m e
Just like it's said in a title lol XD hi I'm playtime I'm new here this is my first book so don't judge please
  • itsabullyxreader
  • smutshots
  • lemon
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•Pushed by Desire• Baldi x female reader (Baldi's Basics) by BonnieChan1987
•Pushed by Desire• Baldi x Professional_Fangirl
Unfortunately, you are horrible at math, always have been, you just don't understand it.. And you really needed to get your grades up for math so you can graduate high s...
  • baldisbasicsineducationandlearning
  • baldixreader
  • gottasweep
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Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT ) by Just_Another_Jaimie
Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT )by Mystic_Mess
" You're Mine " he growled as he bit your neck " No one can have you but me "
  • student
  • helpme
  • lemon
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Baldi's Basics Oneshots by SpaceBarr
Baldi's Basics Oneshotsby Space Kitty
Note: Oof-- I'm dying ;-; Also sorry if the stories SUCKKKK
  • playtime
  • idk
  • 1stprize
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☆ Your Choice ☆ [Baldi x Reader x Principal] by its_nellii
☆ Your Choice ☆ [Baldi x Reader its nellii
THIS STORY CONTAINS VIOLENCE, SELF HARM, AND SEXUAL THEMES ~~~~~ (Y/N) is just a normal teenage girl. While being forced to attend a certain off-ish school by her mother...
  • yourchoice
  • yourchoicebaldixreaderxprincipal
  • artsandcrafters
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Baldi x Yandere!Reader (someone stop me plz) *DISCONTINUED* by UniversalFandomSis
Baldi x Yandere!Reader (someone UniversalFandomSis
You signed yourself up for summer school again. You didn't like it, but anything to get away from your neglectful parents. They never really paid any attention to you an...
  • bbiel
  • baldi
  • baldixreader
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Baldi x !Abused! Reader by YanChanNekoSenpai
Baldi x !Abused! Readerby Author-Chan
Y/N was walking home when she saw someone very unexpected in the window. Her neighbours window..*DISCONTINUED*
  • abuse
  • care
  • lennyface
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Lemons by LunaRolexLer
Lemonsby Nour Ayman
Lemons 4 every1
  • lemon
  • baldi
  • machine
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Baldi X Reader lemon by Marly110Senpai
Baldi X Reader lemonby Marly
LEMON!!!!!! Yeah
  • baldibasics
  • baldixreader
  • principalofthething
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Good 'ol Crack book by PotatoReine
Good 'ol Crack bookby White Roses.
This bitch has crack fics of X Readers, didnt want em? well gl crusty featherfuckers 🖐👁👅👁 uh Idk if its offensive but buckle up and remove that cockring that you've...
  • youtuber
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  • raccooneggsxreader
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RUN - Yandere!Baldi x Reader {COMPLETED} by S0L1TUD3
RUN - Yandere!Baldi x Reader { Tiallie
You've been asked by a friend to collect some textbooks from school. You shuddered at the thought, and criticized him, saying, "Why can't you?!" You still had...
  • playtime
  • horror
  • gottasweep
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No Way Out (Baldi X Reader) by BidekiSpots
No Way Out (Baldi X Reader)by BidekiSpots
Y/N's days of Summer have started. but wait, you failed school! The only way to make up for it is for summer classes, meeting your new teacher and your ONLY teacher Bald...
  • baldixreader
  • baldisbasics
  • kys
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[† Baldi X Female!Reader †] by XxSam_and_DeathxX
[† Baldi X Female!Reader †]by 【❉Sunny Smile❉】
{HIGHEST RANKING- #3 in SmuttyFanFic out of 2.5k Books} [#7 in BaldiXReader out of 110 books] Well...uh...kill me. Now. Please. *Smack smack* Well shit-. Enjoy as I run...
  • bbieal
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  • smutwarning
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