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if i could tell her || dianetti by dianettisupremacyy
if i could tell her || dianettiby dianettisupremacyy
rosa diaz thought the hardest thing she would have to do would be coming out as bisexual, but things change when she develops feelings for a girl she can't be with..
Remember Me//Jake X Amy by sixdrink_amy
Remember Me//Jake X Amyby sixdrink_amy
"Amy who?" Jake finally gives Amy a real taste of a true date, but still keeping it a friendly based, romantic stylez meal. On that very special night, Jake de...
love, diaz || dianetti by dianettisupremacyy
love, diaz || dianettiby dianettisupremacyy
rosa is in love with gina. gina has no idea. that is, until rosa writes a letter that changes everything.
bingpot! - Brooklyn 99 one shots by peraltta
bingpot! - Brooklyn 99 one shotsby cal
Various one shots for brooklyn nine-nine (mostly perlatiago but sometimes reader inserts). Based off of my own ideas, tumblr prompts & requests. Feel free to send me a r...
Captain in a Day by Bingpot_santiago
Captain in a Dayby Jess
A Brooklyn Nine-Nine story. Captain Holt has been demoted and the precinct needs a new Captain. The perfect fit: Amy Santiago. She has been the highest-ranking Lieutenan...
mystery inc | brooklyn nine nine by florencassells
mystery inc | brooklyn nine nineby g . blm
"he's that detective's son, the one that got shot." brooklyn nine nine apply fic.
Rosa Diaz Fics by Random_Writerings
Rosa Diaz Ficsby random-writerings
Oneshots, drabbles, and headcannons about Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine.
The Arrangement by hazelnootspread
The Arrangementby hazelnootspread
Jake Peralta has never been one for his father's little side business of marrying off his kids for money. But it's just what he does. No matter who Roger has tried to se...