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a bump in the road || dianetti by simpfordiaz
a bump in the road || dianettiby didi
gina recently broke up with milton and rosa is always there for her and iggy, even after there's a surprise bump in the road
baby girl || dianetti by simpfordiaz
baby girl || dianettiby didi
rosa and gina knew each other when they were younger and they hated each other... now things have to change because they work together.
if i could tell her || dianetti by dianettisupremacyy
if i could tell her || dianettiby dianettisupremacyy
rosa diaz thought the hardest thing she would have to do would be coming out as bisexual, but things change when she develops feelings for a girl she can't be with..
Love Struck by the-lonely-brooklyn
Love Struckby doireann
Rosa is in love with Gina. Gina is in love with Rosa. But neither of them know it.
orchids 🌸 |dianetti by dinaetti
orchids 🌸 |dianettiby <3
based off a deleted take from 6x04 ♡
brooklyn nine nine group chat by thenew_human413
brooklyn nine nine group chatby ari
group chat fic b99. i promise it gets better by like the 3rd part u just gotta deal w my 13yo self for a bit.
Peraltiago-Dianetti      (:one shots:) by WeeWooMrStark
Peraltiago-Dianetti (:one sho...by Murphy™
small one off stories about Peraltiago (Jake x Amy) also Dianetti (Rosa x Gina)
Unlikely Love ||dianetti by dianettischild
Unlikely Love ||dianettiby :)
"There's not enough space, it's only a single bed." "I'll make room."
Peraltiago/Dianetti AU by cheddaaaaar
Peraltiago/Dianetti AUby Natasha
Just for my own enjoyment. Middle school/high school ages. If you dont like it, dont read it.
Roommates | | Peraltiago by diaz_peralta
Roommates | | Peraltiagoby 🤷🤦💁
"What's the guy's name anyway?" Jake continues with a laugh, he points his gun down a hall. "Clear." We walk down the hallway. "I get it ok?!&qu...
angel || dianetti by simpfordiaz
angel || dianettiby didi
rosa and gina decide they want another kid, they just don't have the easiest journey getting there... sorry for the lack of proofreading lol
Loving you is a loosing game. by dinaetti
Loving you is a loosing game.by <3
Gina Linetti is forced through so many tough obstacles in her life but there was just one that ripped her to pieces.... Title is a song.
Lesbian FemslashOne Shots by lgbt_izzy
Lesbian FemslashOne Shotsby isabelle
this book is basically just hell a gay. its going to be lots of various ships and different one shots for each. and you can decide who gets into the book! seriously it c...
Everything's Fine, I'm Talking To You by scifisigh
Everything's Fine, I'm Talking To...by blake
Meet the badass Lucy Peralta- packed with books and sassy comebacks with street smarts too good to be true. Jake and Amy are nailing this parenting thing, right? Nothing...
Together Forever (not done) by dianettischild
Together Forever (not done)by :)
It's Gina Linetti's first day at the precinct and she already has a crush, but she also has a kid. Apparently that's a deal breaker for most. But not for the one, the on...
Friends Don't Kiss.||dianetti by dianettischild
Friends Don't Kiss.||dianettiby :)
"Friends don't kiss Rosa, friends don't know every little detail about eachother, friends don't sit awake for hours when one of them can't sleep, did all that mean...
Life Goes On ||dianetti by dianettischild
Life Goes On ||dianettiby :)
After Jake dies, Gina is lost. But Rosa slowly helps her find herself again.
I've got you  by Brooklynnine9_
I've got you by Brooklynnine9
Gina was laying in the hospital, badly injured. Her rival needs to take care of her, And has to do everything for her
We'll Meet Again  by dianettischild
We'll Meet Again by :)
Sad dianetti with a happy ending <3