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Inevitable by violenttulips
Inevitableby MJ
After the war, Harry Potter becomes a talented Senior Auror with a penchant for injury in defense of his colleagues. Draco Malfoy leaves the country for five years and...
Your Fortnightly Drarry Story (Back by Popular Demand) by drarrycuddles
Your Fortnightly Drarry Story ( drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story in which both Harry and Draco are Aurors. Set seven years after the war. All is going well, apart from the two men still don't talk to each other. And the...
Drarry One Shots by drarrycuddles
Drarry One Shotsby drarrycuddles
It is what it says, all Drarry. I decided to pull together several of my short stories into a collection of One Shots (it makes more sense to do it this way) so this was...
Irresistible Fate by drarrycuddles
Irresistible Fateby drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story. Set six years after the war: Auror Potter is injured during a hunt for the last remaining members of Voldemort's inner circle. He and Draco are thrown ba...
The House-Whisperer by drarrycuddles
The House-Whispererby drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story. Some three and a half years after the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry is required for a rescue mission. Harry and Draco come together over a threatening sit...
The Munificent Pint Pot by drarrycuddles
The Munificent Pint Potby drarrycuddles
A Christmas Drarry short story about a very special inn and its landlord and a selection of customers from the HP world of magic.
More Than My Experiment by newnameyep
More Than My Experimentby newnameyep
But of course, "perfect" never lasts. And now here he was, sitting in a psychiatric hospital, waiting to be used in an experiment. DRARRY Takes place 14 years...
One Last Call ( Drarry) by miraculouslymad
One Last Call ( Drarry)by Adri
Harry Potter, had been head Auror for 21 years, and has been married to Draco for 20 years. oneday while coming home, he found himself inbetween a fight, where he was hi...
Battle Scars by Bunnylovescake
Battle Scarsby GaySinsAndDoubleChins
"Who are you?" "Potter, what is it?" "Um, my son?" -=-=-=-=-=- Cover is mine Warning; bad writing and M-preg