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𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐡 ᵖʳᵒᶠ ˢᵉʳᵍⁱᵒ ᵐᵃʳᵠᵘⁱⁿᵃ by tesherbooks
𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐡 ᵖʳᵒᶠ ˢᵉʳᵍⁱᵒ ᵐᵃʳ serehtira
Atlas Montes, probably the best female hacker and pickpocket of Spain, just wanted to rob a store with her brother. He would go in while she sits in a café opposite the...
Io e te per sempre by BuddyGiovanni
Io e te per sempreby ItziarItuno
Una storia d'amore inventata su Álvaro e Itziar, due persone fatte per stare insieme affronteranno vari ostacoli che intralceranno la loro storia ma alla fine ne usciran...
The Masterminds by B0N1T0FL4K3S
The Mastermindsby B0N1T0FL4K3S
The criminal adventures of two brothers with their younger sister. Inspired by the series "La Casa de Papel," internationally known as "Money Heist."
Law of Attraction by headbtchincharge
Law of Attractionby Sweet Caroline
Sergio Marquina and Raquel Murillo head separate crime scene labs in Madrid. A high profile case brings them together.
La casa de Papel: Un futuro juntos by valeriahincapi2
La casa de Papel: Un futuro juntosby valeriahincapi2
Ha pasado un año desde el atraco a la FNMT, el mismo tiempo que Raquel y Sergio llevan separados. ¿Que pasará en su reencuentro en Palawan?
Closer by xx_lovebug_xx
Closerby xx_lovebug_xx
Continued scene for "La casa de papel/Money Heist" ✨ I don't own anything except my imagination Photo by @serendi1977 on Twitter
ilunabarra by iamaras29
ilunabarraby Sara
Hai preso l'odore del mare.
Not just on screen partners by faniston11
Not just on screen partnersby faniston11
Hey everyone! This is a story about Alvitz, just because I love them both so much! I just wanted to make sure that nothing of this really happened. I respect them when t...
I'm With You - #SerQuel (ONE SHOT) by jlovercelinacruz
I'm With You - #SerQuel (ONE SHOT)by Celina
It has been years since Raquel and Sergio have decided to move forward and start a new beginning, they have live a happy memorable life. Everything seems so perfect but...
Fame... it's over now! by Regina_di_Mulini
Fame... it's over now!by Anna Riemer
Did you ever stop and wonder: what's going on inside a 21 year old female Multishipper?? Ahaha: good luck in finding out!! # confusion allert😂😂😉
Ailemiz İçin by serquelll_
Ailemiz İçinby mydreams
Always we think about a Serquel baby, you know. And everyone thinks Sergio will be very happy when he finds out about this surprise. But what if he doesn't want a baby?
Circles - El Professor & Berlin by tonyscupcake
Circles - El Professor & Berlinby Morgan Stark
"Run away, but we're running in circles" Marina Sànchez is a quirky and bright medical student. After graduation, she helps her family friends in organizing on...
Do you also love me? by itziar_ituno
Do you also love me?by Itziar_ituno
Sergio and Raquel have been best friends since they were 10 . Sergio always had feelings for Raquel but he never told her. Raquel also get's along with the Marquina fami...