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To Be Worthy (He Deserved Better)  by the_mmad_ness
To Be Worthy (He Deserved Better) by the_mmadness
After over twenty years of being in a secret relationship with Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall decides she's tired of living a partial truth. She does not know, how...
Dark and Light Embraces by JadedAngelsRising
Dark and Light Embracesby Jaded
Hermione McGonagall is in her fourth year, and already hiding more secrets that few at Hogwarts are privy to. She's got her parents Albus and Minerva, and her betrothed...
Harry Potter and the Deeply Disturbing Dream by Squibstress
Harry Potter and the Deeply Squibstress
Harry has a dream and makes a startling discovery. A bit of fluff and silliness I wrote years and years ago. (Posted elsewhere as "Another Part of the Castle")...