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Harry Potter and the Lost (on hold)  by BlueCookiesGoddess
Harry Potter and the Lost (on BlueCookiesGoddess
Harry Potter and Descendents Crossover! Slash! Harry Potter re-born as Hadrian Ace Black (in memory of Sirius). Lady Magic decided to give Hadrian another chance, after...
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He Will Be Loved by EvelynWolfe1411
He Will Be Lovedby EvelynWolfe1411
Harry has been abused by the Dursley's for as long as he can remember, both physically and mentally. During the summer after his fifth year, the Dursley's go too far. Wh...
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Listen to my voice it's my disguise / 1D fan fiction by butbabyidc
Listen to my voice it's my butbabyidc
1D Fan Fiction :) Niall had found the girl of his dreams. But fate doesn't want them to last long. Maybe a curly guy could tear them apart, and, who knows, maybe this cu...
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A School's "Angel" [Larry Stylinson] by alphaprettyrascal
A School's "Angel" [Larry a m b i t i o n
Where Louis Tomlinson, the soccer team captain falls in love with the famous basketball captain, Harry Styles from school. [Larry Stylinson Content]
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Blue prince (Harry Potter fanfic) by NorikoBarksdale
Blue prince (Harry Potter fanfic)by Chelsea Saori Barksdale
What if Harry inherited more fron his mother then the wizarding world expected? When Harry goes to Hogwarts will he be able to see past Dumbledores maniplutions are will...
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