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NAYA AASHIYANA by Kritika_1809
Slow Updates Based on 5 years leap Join the journey of two adorable couples tanshi and abhira This story is mostly on abhira but I am taking tanshi as a supportive co...
✅ ABHIRA (6-year leap) by kruti_01
✅ ABHIRA (6-year leap)by kruti.d
| COMPLETE | A closure story on the current track of yrkkh. (where Abhir falls unconscious on Abhinav's shoulders, and they get to know about Abhir's medical condition...
Abhira 3.0 - Healing by Grish0324
Abhira 3.0 - Healingby Gigi ✨
Hello, this is a compilation of short stories and OS's I wanted for Abhira post the 6 year leap 🙂 #1 Abhimanyu: 06/10/23 #1 AbhimanyuBirla: 11/13/23 #1 AbhirBirla: 07...
Missing piece of her  by Charolette123-
Missing piece of her by Charolette Agrest
the story revolves around Roohi Birla , daughter of our beloved neirohi
Abhira- To Forever ❤💕 by Esker-luminious
Abhira- To Forever ❤💕by Esker
It has been years since Akshara left the Goenka family with Abhir and Abhimanyu. Now, she finally had everything she could dream of a happy family, a loving husband, a g...
ABHIRA ~ Second Chance... by theunprofwriter
ABHIRA ~ Second Chance...by 𝒿𝒾𝒶ᯓ★
Hello! This is a fanfiction of abhira! ! Unknownly slow burn ! [There'll be no updates on Weekends] Sorry any grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language. [...
My Scarred Life by queenlife34
My Scarred Lifeby Miss Shri
What if the Birla family abandons Ruhi after Neils death?
The Fate's Change by queenlife34
The Fate's Changeby Miss Shri
What if Ruhi knew that Abhira was Akshara's daughter?
OS Book #2 by Methi_Dana
OS Book #2by Abhira🌍
Abhira with Abhir and Ruhi
abhira : go where it started  by abhira2o
abhira : go where it started by abhira2o
after 6 years... Akshara lives in Goa with her child abhir who is 5 year old... she does jobs and earns enough that she gives the best life to her child. abhimanyu: aft...
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai generation 4  by Suba69
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai generat...by Suba
this is a FanFiction story about Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai in my way I'm just bored to see Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai current episodes it is based on show not based on...
Yeh Tera Mera Rishta  by Akshujalebi
Yeh Tera Mera Rishta by Akshujalebi
What I wanted the 6 year leap to be..
ABHIMAAN - The Tale Of Separated Hearts by veda_866
ABHIMAAN - The Tale Of Separated H...by veda_866
"Te...tera ekkk bada bh-bhai hai" Akshara revealed her most well kept secret to Abhira. Abhira gasped at the revelation, millions of questions evident in her e...
Entangled Love (6yr leap) by kruti_01
Entangled Love (6yr leap)by kruti.d
*SPORADIC UPDATES* Another closure story on my beloved OGabhira - ( The plot is a rewritten POV of how things could have proceeded after Niel's death. If they really wan...
Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai... by Methi_Dana
Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai...by Abhira🌍
"Log Kehte Hai Sabr ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai, Lekin Uss Phal Ka Kya Matlab Jis Sabr Se Insaan Toot Ke Bikhar Jaye..."
Aahista by Baarish_Sim
Aahistaby Rain!notes
"Ye humari kahani hai Abhir. Kisi aur ko isse likhne na dene." That was the last he saw of her. Tear-stricken, she ran from him. The thundering clouds echoed...
Abhimanyu ka nayaa Jahaan by DarkRaspBerryo
Abhimanyu ka nayaa Jahaanby DarkRaspBerryo
Dear readers, I came across this YouTube short last year. And again this fella found it's way into my feed recently and inspired me to write this, TWO SHOTS💟💟... (Atle...
Whispers of Peace by Vi_musings
Whispers of Peaceby Vi_musings
*** A Dr. Abhimanyu Birla one-shot *** We all bid good bye to Abhimanyu with his heartbreaking parting lines about his everlasting love for Akshara. But what happened be...