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Jen and Clark (LGBT+) by PointTrueNorth
Jen and Clark (LGBT+)by Lauren Kutterfly
this is our secret, so don't tell anyone, okay? Copyright2016©PointTrueNorth Highest rankings: #10 <<November 27th, 2016>> #38 <<November 3rd, 2016>...
  • writeloveontheirarms
  • suicide
  • tragedy
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Enunciate (#2) by itsmyjam
Enunciate (#2)by Lyss ☽
IN WHICH a girl is left with a broken heart and a boy is surrounded by broken rules. *extended summary inside* [[ a series of texts and messages ]] -Sequel to Epistle b...
  • epistle
  • cliche
  • brokenhearts
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mute depression by NoiseOfSilence
mute depressionby dana
"We choose our sorrows and our joys long before we experience them." © 2015 by NoiseOfSilence. All rights reserved.
  • teenage
  • school
  • love
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Avante by Shifa_sarguru
Avanteby Shifa
Book One in Ventville Series "A tiny heartbeat raged against the arms of death and thus he was reborn-shaking the city by his mere existence-it was him. Avante.&qu...
  • womanup
  • adventure
  • diverselit
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Plenum by MissOfRoses
Plenumby Tamara Ramadan
[ Excuse me as I Wander through the Universe ] 《 plenum (ˈpliːnəm): a space completely filled with matter, or the whole of space so regarded 》 An anthology
  • wattys2016
  • flowers
  • screampoems
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Spanish Accent (The Accents #2) by MsSarcasual
Spanish Accent (The Accents #2)by velucieraptor
* Book two in the Accents series * Sierra is determined to win the competition for the best photo session. There will be only one winner and she truly believes it's goin...
  • college
  • newadult
  • badboy
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Beyond | ✔ by lullabells
Beyond | ✔by 🌸 h a z e l
When I lost myself somewhere.. In those magical pirouettes.. And learned to love her.. To the moon.. And . . ~Beyond~ [Achievement] Publishing date (July 26, 2016) #315...
  • visualstory
  • camera
  • vocabulations
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Faith✔ by thatonevoice
Faith✔by pooja m.
[completed!] ", like the ball of sunshine you were, illuminated my world. By sacrificing yourself to the darkness."
  • clear
  • projectnobody
  • memories
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BEHIND A SMILING FACE  by xripthatgirlx
BEHIND A SMILING FACE by xripthatgirlx
Ashlynn Frathurt is a teenager who knows the definition of pain. After going through the worst, she is sent to live with her estranged mom and begin a whole new adventu...
  • studentxteacher
  • bwwm
  • secretrelationship
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Something Along The Way  by theaidea
Something Along The Way by Aizda
''Maybe if I dug hard enough I would cry because of the blood that had seeped out of my skin - not because of the pain in my chest.'' In which a girl fights against the...
  • nomorescars
  • angst
  • skinny
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REDEFINED by AdelinaGray
REDEFINEDby Adelina💙
My anxiety is.... 🦋that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling every time I leave the house 😫that terrible feeling of dread and fear the moment I think I messed up 🚫NOT...
  • panicdisorder
  • panicattacks
  • autobiography
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Sometimes it Happens by yvesdot
Sometimes it Happensby yves.
Fifteen years ago, Elle's boyfriend left town--and Elle--without so much as an explanation. Today, Ephraim has returned with a child: Bren. Bren is clever, quiet, quick...
  • projectnobody
  • projectcharacter
  • weneeddiversebooks
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Dolls by ParadoxicHearts
Dollsby 𝑪𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑹𝒀 🍒❄️
"Imperfection is a sin, and sinners should get punished"
  • projectcharacter
  • dystopian
  • dolls
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Incognito Order by dis_is_anoushka
Incognito Orderby Anoushka Sutradhar
"If I was the reason it all started, then let me be the reason it all ends." A nightmare she saw, a dare she completed and a death she witnessed. Aurora Hend...
  • player
  • franciscolachowski
  • lovers
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Plummeting Virtue by OddballWriter
Plummeting Virtueby Kay Valencia
(New cover made by @Hecticly!) A homosexual teen boy with social anxiety tendencies is said to have been assaulted during a break-in at his house, which leaves his boyfr...
  • projectbrave
  • boyxboy
  • fiction
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Homecoming [#writewithZo] by yvesdot
Homecoming [#writewithZo]by yves.
The alpha female in the cool kids crew enters the super secret teacher's lounge. Written for the #writewithzo contest, based on Zo's prompt! Love that AI.
  • freeyourbody
  • projectnobody
  • trans
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Paint Me Blue by thatonevoice
Paint Me Blueby pooja m.
Memories are a weird thing. They make you laugh, they make you ache. Sometimes they bring smiles, mixed with a few tears. But that's just the nature of memories- they'r...
  • school
  • strength
  • memories
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A Single Tear [Book One] by Truly_Forgotten
A Single Tear [Book One]by Forgotten Shadow
Fifteen year old Andie Stewarts finds herself falling down the bottomless out of depression. People are hurting her mentally, only making her fall deeper. And every time...
  • lonely
  • alone
  • forgotten
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Under the Stars by mariameowss
Under the Starsby Maria Vina
Dear Readers, If you read this, that means you have to be ready for everything that's going to wreck you. But don't worry, if something destroys you, find your strength...
  • waytohappiness
  • love
  • projectbrave
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Shadow by writerbutterfly1104
Shadowby Gianna
Meet Amaranta: the girl who values pain over comfort, sickness over health, bitter over sweet. You might think that she is weird or crazy, but the fact is, she is bulli...
  • devil
  • projectbrave
  • shadow
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