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Jen and Clark (LGBT+) by PointTrueNorth
Jen and Clark (LGBT+)by Lauren Kutterfly
this is our secret, so don't tell anyone, okay? Copyright2016©PointTrueNorth Highest rankings: #10 <<November 27th, 2016>> #38 <<November 3rd, 2016>...
  • angst
  • freethelgbt
  • death
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Enunciate (#2) by itsmyjam
Enunciate (#2)by Lyss ☽
IN WHICH a girl is left with a broken heart and a boy is surrounded by broken rules. *extended summary inside* [[ a series of texts and messages ]] -Sequel to Epistle b...
  • brokenhearts
  • love
  • neighbor
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mute depression by NoiseOfSilence
mute depressionby dana
"We choose our sorrows and our joys long before we experience them." © 2015 by NoiseOfSilence. All rights reserved.
  • talkinghelps
  • sadness
  • poetry
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Spanish Accent (The Accents #2) by MsSarcasual
Spanish Accent (The Accents #2)by velucieraptor
* Book two in the Accents series * Sierra is determined to win the competition for the best photo session. There will be only one winner and she truly believes it's goin...
  • college
  • humor
  • projectbrave
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Avante by Shifa_sarguru
Avanteby Shifa
Book One in Ventville Series "A tiny heartbeat raged against the arms of death and thus he was reborn-shaking the city by his mere existence-it was him. Avante.&qu...
  • crime
  • diverselit
  • projecthero
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Plenum by MissOfRoses
Plenumby Tamara Ramadan
[ Excuse me as I Wander through the Universe ] 《 plenum (ˈpliːnəm): a space completely filled with matter, or the whole of space so regarded 》 An anthology
  • screampoems
  • space
  • atoms
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REDEFINED by AdelinaGray
REDEFINEDby Adelina💙
My anxiety is.... 🦋that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling every time I leave the house 😫that terrible feeling of dread and fear the moment I think I messed up 🚫NOT...
  • redefined
  • staystrong
  • projectbrave
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Cara Evelyn by lullabells
Cara Evelynby 🌸 h a z e l
Life for Aaron Troy has been a version of normal until 'her'. With her short messy hair and wild spirit, she comes out of the blue on a clear night in the middle of a tr...
  • library
  • projectbrave
  • madness
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Beyond | ✔ by lullabells
Beyond | ✔by 🌸 h a z e l
When I lost myself somewhere.. In those magical pirouettes.. And learned to love her.. To the moon.. And . . ~Beyond~ [Achievement] Publishing date (July 26, 2016) #315...
  • pirouettes
  • shortstory
  • dance
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Paint Me Blue by thatonevoice
Paint Me Blueby pooja m.
Memories are a weird thing. They make you laugh, they make you ache. Sometimes they bring smiles, mixed with a few tears. But that's just the nature of memories- they'r...
  • projectbrave
  • friendship
  • strength
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Monster by iridescity-
Monsterby l y s
"he'll break her. but she's going to love him anyway." "and she'll kill him. but he's going to fall anyway." the fragile balance of destiny becomes...
  • projectbrave
  • projectpeace
  • theveilednight
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BEHIND A SMILING FACE  by xripthatgirlx
BEHIND A SMILING FACE by xripthatgirlx
Ashlynn Frathurt is a teenager who knows the definition of pain. After going through the worst, she is sent to live with her estranged mom and begin a whole new adventu...
  • studentxteacher
  • talkthepoc
  • savemefrommyself
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Sometimes it Happens by yvesdot
Sometimes it Happensby yves.
Fifteen years ago, Elle's boyfriend left town--and Elle--without so much as an explanation. Today, Ephraim has returned with a child: Bren. Bren is clever, quiet, quick...
  • talkthepoc
  • freeyourbody
  • projectnobody
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Dolls by ParadoxicHearts
Dollsby 𝑪𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑹𝒀 🍒❄️
"Imperfection is a sin, and sinners should get punished"
  • fiction
  • utopiansociety
  • romance
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Something Along The Way  by theaidea
Something Along The Way by Aizda
''Maybe if I dug hard enough I would cry because of the blood that had seeped out of my skin - not because of the pain in my chest.'' In which a girl fights against the...
  • depression
  • skinny
  • projecteatingdisorder
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Faith✔ by thatonevoice
Faith✔by pooja m.
[completed!] ", like the ball of sunshine you were, illuminated my world. By sacrificing yourself to the darkness."
  • sunshine
  • hope
  • movingon
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TSZ Magazine: July 2016 (Issue #2) by TheSafeZone
TSZ Magazine: July 2016 (Issue #2)by UnderYourWing
Happy July everyone!! I know for some this means sparks and fireworks especially for all those Cancer/Leo children around. Happy birthday to all!! But in tune with celeb...
  • campaigns
  • projectbrave
  • lifesupport
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defect : a one shot collection || ✓ by Just_Jae
defect : a one shot collection || ✓by jae
a series of one-shots celebrating individuality and acknowledging special needs. Copyright © 2018 Just_Jae
  • therestofus
  • projectbrave
  • projectbreakfree
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It All Felt Like Poetry by LaLunatic
It All Felt Like Poetryby M.
❝I was always told that I felt too much of everything. I never really wanted to write poems, it's the people who inspire me that makes me want to. And now I can't stop...
  • itallfeltlikepoetry
  • poetry
  • freementalillness
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Cinderella by Red_as_a_Strawberry
Cinderellaby Perfect_Strawberry
Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. All about the glass slippers and happy ever after where Cinderella didn't have to ask one question: when going against bipolar di...
  • projectgiggle
  • projectbadgirls
  • humor
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