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  • Lights (Niall Horan)
    63.4K 3.2K 57

    Niall Horan never wanted to become anyone's 'other half.' He always thought of himself as independent and self-reliant. But when the one and only exception is placed right before his eyes, will he use it to his advantage or watch the opportunity fade away?

  • Redo
    1.7K 370 8

    He was completely over her. She was completely over him. At least, before the accident.

  • status (luke hemmings)
    9.5K 988 10

    "I'm a bit obsessed with you. Just a bit." COPYRIGHT © 2015 highest rating #40 Fanfiction

  • Whiteout
    14K 856 3

    Some things cannot be explained, only experienced.

  • American
    15.6K 937 5

    "Forget everything you've been told about us and just go with it."

  • irk (luke hemmings)
    33K 2.2K 7

    "Keep me crazy and I'll keep you sane." COPYRIGHT © 2014

  • twelve (ashton irwin)
    113K 6.6K 16

    Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

  • Cryptic (Harry Styles)
    291K 10.8K 32

    "You're the light to my dark, the fire to my flame, the key to my destruction."