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  • Auroras & Sad Prose (#ShawRocketFundContest)
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    This is my entry for the #ShawRocketFundContest. We were required to write the opening chapter of a teen fiction/young adult story that aims for diversity. If anyone wants to join, simply search "Shaw Rocket Fund Contest" and write a chapter with the maximum of 1500 words (or less). Here's the link for instructions an...

  • Don't Be Yourself | #ShawRocketFundContest
    236 38 4

    *UPDATES EVERY SUNDAY* In a world of perfection and blonde-haired, blue-eyed facsimiles, 16 year-old Sophie has something to hide. Something that could take her life in an instant. She goes through her days hiding herself, with the constant fear of being caught. One day, Sophie discovers something else wrong about he...

  • The Art Of Hating You
    1.6K 126 1

    All's fair in love and publicity. THE INTERN After a career-ending injury, sixteen-year-old Shay Gupta's hopes at the Olympics are crushed. Despite becoming @FamousFumbles, one of Toronto's most popular Instagrammers, Shay is determined to wallow in self-pity. Since she keeps her pithy social commentary posts a secret...

  • Blemished
    136 21 1

    Don't stare. Don't look. Don't Linger. Pretend like you don't see. Sam has never understood why people see "The Blemish" as a flaw. Everyone has it, everyone always has, why should it matter? When a new student, Jonah Lee-Yang, shows up to the school Sam starts to fall, and fall hard for the young man who barely has a...

  • Erased #ShawRocketFundContest
    63 6 1

    It's summer 2009. 15-year-old Italian immigrant Antonio was having one of the best summers of his life. He and his boyfriend Luke were spending almost every day together, his English had gotten a lot better, and he was finally adjusting to life in Cathcart, Newfoundland. But everything shatter's when his best friend...

  • 'Prefects'
    45 3 1

    Min Kye, a fifteen year-old, has lived in Canada her entire life. Despite knowing the Canadian culture, she's rejected by her peers for a reason that she doesn't even know herself. Min thinks it's her Korean culture that bothers other people and slowly, she begins to distance herself from her family's traditions and v...

  • The Infinite Worlds of Ella Jane
    2K 93 1

    The universe has accidental holes but perhaps the unraveling chaos has nothing to do with accidents. After falling into a swimming pool at a disappointing house party, Filipino-Canadian, Ella Jane Flores finds herself waking up on a mysterious train in another dimension, meeting the young physicist, Reyis. She discove...

  • Unspoken Words
    69 7 1

    "If my life were a story, I would never be considered the main character. It's not a self deprecating comment, it's just the truth." Emma Chen lives her life on the sidelines. Overshadowed by her successful older sister and breaking under the pressures of her immigrant parents, Emma becomes distant to the rest of the...