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Ashu By ashu091606 Updated Sep 15, 2020

Min Kye, a fifteen year-old, has lived in Canada her entire life. Despite knowing the Canadian culture, she's rejected by her peers for a reason that she doesn't even know herself. Min thinks it's her Korean culture that bothers other people and slowly, she begins to distance herself from her family's traditions and values. She's lived almost everywhere with her dad's shifting job, but nowhere has she found a penpal or an Instagram friend. She's tried to fit in with every group out there, but none let her in. 

She's so focused on trying to make her mark in Canada, that she hasn't noticed the new Indian boy, Ajay, who is in the same situation as she is in. Min has two options left: she can either move back to Korea with her aunt (who had been experiencing the same issues) or she and this new boy can team up and take the entire ignorant school down. 

Either way, things won't be easy. Join Min as she experiences feelings of friendship, and learns the difference between rejection and acceptance and how to stand up for herself.

This was written for the ShawRocketFund contest!