Erased #ShawRocketFundContest

Erased #ShawRocketFundContest

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It's summer 2009. 15-year-old Italian immigrant Antonio was having one of the best summers of his life. He and his boyfriend Luke were spending almost every day together, his English had gotten a lot better, and he was finally adjusting to life in Cathcart, Newfoundland. But everything shatter's when his best friend, who's also Luke's sister, Lena goes missing. Not satisfied by the lack of attention Lena's case is receiving, the boys decide to start a podcast to find people who may help them and to get their own answers.

After that everything fell apart.

It's two years later and Antonio has left everything and everyone in Cathcart behind to live a new life in Toronto with his dad. Until one day, Antonio decides to listen back to the podcasts and his feelings resubmerge him underwater. Antonio decides it might be time to return to that small town to finish what he started.

Told during the events and the aftermath that would forever change the lives of two boys and everyone around them. Erased is a story of grief, LGBTQ relationships and rights, prejudice, and missing Indigenous women.