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  • Him Again(Her again)
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    "What did I do?!"Nene yelled crying profusely "Oh my God! You! You pretender get out of my room!"Jamie yelled clutching his stomach "What did I do! Why do you keep on calling me names!"Nene yelled looking very tired "why will you call me names right after kissing me!" "Because you are a cheat! You are a liar!"Jamie ye...

  • My Student And I ✓
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    Her face disfigured with wounds, Monica look up at Daniel panting heavily! She knew she can't do this anymore and it has to stop "Monica look at me!"Daniel demanded. She refused to meet his eyes "I will do anything for you just anything as far as you promise to trust me and stay by my side that's all you have to do" "...

  • PreDestined
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    "what did I just hear?!"Mr Rasheed asked and Kameela lips start quivering "I swear dad,I didn't do anything I didn't seduce him, I don't know what happened and how I ended up in the bed naked beside him,I didn't drug him"Kameela said bursting into tears,she felt her world falling apart "You liar! How dare you do this...

  • The Boy At The Last
    1.8K 659 27

    Samah had always want to be a lawyer, loosing her both parents at a young age and living with her aunt who care less about her didn't give her so much option for the future. She decided to take a scholarship exam that took her to a new school where she can try fulfilling her dreams She met Ayan in an odd way, the guy...

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    "Can't you see,how much I love you and I keep coming back!"Dami said yelling "Love?"Anna asked laughing "do you call this love? This is an obvious obsession,you're obsessed Damilola and not capable of loving anybody" ********* "Stop Joy,we shouldn't do this all over again"Jonah said tiredly "It's best the way,it obvio...

  • The Life Of Aishah✓
    133K 18.3K 64

    A petite beautiful girl was forced to marry her dad's childhood friend son,she got no choice but married him at first the marriage was sour and then came love before the storm Things got really messy for her and she tried fighting her way through believing she can actually survive anything that happens to her The Life...

  • The Chase
    740 13 1

    Chioma popularly called Oma found out her billionaire dad Mr Ifeoluwa wasn't dead like proclaimed by her mom,she left her mom to stay with her father were the love and bond between a father to daughter grew her father taught her all she ever needed in life and more,at the age of twenty her father was shot and was in c...

  • Entangled
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    Just read You will find it interesting 100%