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  • World, Meet North America
    52.6K 1.3K 19

    Canada is finally being recognised, but now Native America has a new mission: Convince the rest of the world that America isn't an idiot! To do that, Native America enlists the help of Canada and Native America's friend, Aztec Empire's son, Mexico. Along the way the world finds out what the North American countries' r...

  • Remember Me, Notice Me
    30.1K 741 8

    Canada, also known as Matthew Williams, is always being ignored. He is constently confused for his brother America, known as Alfred F. Jones, and beaten up by other countries and nations just to 'get even with America'. Everybody thinks Canada is a weak country, that it's never seen war, that its people have never die...

  • I will save you
    6.3K 115 8

    It was another just another day for Alfred f. jones/America, bright and sunny day! Little did he know his life was about to change forever! ............. *I stopped uploading* I don't own the characters. The manga/show is hetalia, which is made by Himaruya Hhidekaz! Once again so sorry much for the bad description...

  • Secrets Revealed
    59.8K 990 9

    TheMaidenOfTheHunt presents to you a Hetalia reading the diaries fan fiction. For many years, for some as long as they remember they have been keeping secrets. These secrets have been weighing down on their fragile hearts and minds forever. They might be immortal nations but they still have the heart of humans beating...

  • When Enemies Become Lovers
    271K 6.8K 38

    What happens when the Hogwarts train breaks down and Harry has to share a compartment with the Slytherin he loved but hated?

  • the veela and the vampire
    30.1K 725 9

    this story is adopted it is not mine. This is a story where Draco is Leela and Harry is a vampire. This is set in the 7th year. !!!ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Accomplishments #7 in drarry 6/17/20 #814 in Malfoy 5/12/20 #12 vampireharry 6/17/20

  • 50 Cuts (Hetalia Fanfiction)
    5.7K 125 1

    America was always hated and hurt by the other nations everyday.And he always replies with a big smile on his face and a laugh. What if one day America realizes he had enough? Sometimes heroes have to be saved. But other times, no one cares for the hero at all. (picture not made by me)

  • American Secrets
    52.3K 897 6

    North America is a rather mysterious continent few know about. Quiet Canada, boisterous America and scoffing Mexico all deflect questions about their continent. But now, the countries are increasingly curious. What secrets will come to light? ABANDONED {Image is not mine} #115 in Hetalia 10/06/19

  • America's 51 problems
    66.4K 1.2K 40

    no-one but prussia,italy,romano, and Australia know about the 51 problems until one dreadful day..........

  • Hetalia - Pandora's Box
    81.5K 2.3K 24

    A/N - This is a Hetalia Fanfic so if you have never seen the anime or are familiar with the Manga you will be confused and lost. I'm new at the accents so if you see a mistake please be patient with me. I enjoy hearing what you all think so feedback is appreciated greatly! I use the nation's human names and country...

  • Eternity // RusAme (Countryhumans) (PAUSED)
    19.3K 371 9

    "If you kill me, I'd still love you..." Let me just say... This isn't you're typical RusAme FanFiction. At least, I haven't read anything else like the plot I planned out for this book. (And I read a lot of fanfiction)... This isn't you're typical, "i dont love him" Denial, "Self harm because He doesnt love me" Plot...

  • I'm sorry...~America
    35.4K 552 55

    This is about America....America has become extremely depressed, and nobody knows this story we ride the train of Americas thoughts and his life, if you are faint hearted do not read this! I love you my countrys❤️??

  • Draco's Suffering
    113K 2.9K 17

    When Draco is in his sixth year at hogwarts, at sixteen, before he leaves, his father, Lucius Malfoy, beats him to try to get him to do better in his classes, but really, all that that does is send Draco into a mass of emotional and mental instability. Finally, will everyone at hogwarts see Draco for who he really is...

  • Fading Away: A Hetalia Fanfiction
    69.2K 2.9K 33

    After the death of a loved one, America is fading away, and it hurts. He hides his pain from the other nations, not wanting them to think he is weak, to think that he isn't a hero. Can someone find out and help America before it's too late? (I do not own Hetalia Characters or pictures except my version of the States)...

  • Baby Draco
    247K 7K 20

    Harry recently told Ginny and Ron he was gay and then being the close minded gits they were turned him away. As much as Hermione liked Harry she loved Ron and went along with what he said. During transfiguration they are practicing a spell to turn an animal into its baby form for up to 6 months. Ron tried shooting the...

  • I Lied :: A Depressed America Fanfic
    32.9K 730 6

    A month has passed since the last World Meeting and America's depression is getting worse. Everything has gone to hell. He's ready to end it. He does. His chair is now untouched and stays at the exact same spot in the meetings to come. Days pass without the jolly personification of the U.S. Two years later, a teen n...

  • Dream // A Drarry Fanfiction
    97.3K 2.3K 19

    Draco is depressed, abused, tortured, shamed, disowned, and losing hope. Desperate, he runs away only to cross paths with a certain raven haired boy, but what'll happen from there? Cover By @todojiro

  • Loving The Enemy ( America x Russia )
    262K 8.1K 29

    Alfred, who has been told to shut up and grow up all his life, fears the scary and powerful Ivan. But to prove he is strong and to protect his friends, he attempts to face his fear. Ivan, a lonely Russian whose immense power has caused him to be very lonely and feared, hates the childish actions of Alfred. But what ha...

  • All The Greats Fall
    8.9K 449 12

    [Possible Trigger Warning] Alfred has been trying to get better. He really has. But he just can't seem to do it, even though he's on so many medications and has so many so-called "coping skills".

  • Trophy Father's Trophy Son
    50.9K 1.4K 9

    Everyone hates Draco Malfoy right? He was the mean,heartless boy who everyone wasn't in Slytherin, even some Slytherins, hated. But have you ever wondered of that was just an act? If he was really actually sensitive, kind and funny? What made him act like he did? Who was he obeying? If you want answers, read on, but...

  • shattered ➳ drarry
    32K 1K 7

    "and with that, draco had had enough" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ©skunkypansexual on wattpad, 2017 all characters are intillectual property of JK Rowling, not me Drarry (Draco x Harry)

  • Angel in the Dark
    45K 48 1

    How long can America keep up his facade until it crumble? When did this self hatred start to develop? Will he ever go back to his optimistic self? *WARNING!- Contains self harm, anorexia, abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts

  • Tell me all about it (Drarry)
    132K 5.3K 16

    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The war took a toll on Harry, things have just lost their color, and doubts start creeping in, things he could have done better, things he wish he could change, people he knows he should have saved... but his biggest regret is that he was not able to see past...

  • daydreaming - wolfstar
    195K 7K 13

    // EDIT - ok so im super embarrassed now that ive re read the story but people seem to like it so ill keep it up but i would just like to point out that i wrote this in 2017 happy reading! // Remus and Sirius are both unknowingly having strange dreams about one another. Set in 5th year. Get ready for some feels and...

  • Learning about ourselves (Hetalia)
    52.8K 901 14

    The nations of the world find themselves in yet another world meeting. Everything is going as normal, unfortunately for Germany that means "wrong", when suddenly a book comes flying into the room. Unbeknownst to them the book contains their darkest secrets.... Warnings are shown in the beginnings of chapters. If there...

  • America and England: Five Nights at Freddy's!
    1.6K 45 5

    America is playing the popular horror game 'Five Nights at Freddy's.' With America being America with horror games and horror everything - he overreacts to this stuff a lot. Canada gets annoyed and asks for England to help but things don't go as expected. --I don't own Hetalia-- --The Cover link: http://images4.fanpo...

  • Life Reset
    44.8K 1.7K 31

    2nd chances are for fuck up's who can't do anything right. The last nation on earth was exactly that and therefore gotten a 2nd chance which he will use to save his friends.

  • Forbidden romance (Drarry)
    154K 4.1K 28

    Draco has a crush on Harry but Harry doesn't know until Draco is attacked by a werewolf and turned into one. Turns out his soulmate is Harry...and Draco can't hold his wolf in forever. THEN BOOM DRARRY! ♡♡♡ CAUTION: this story is not for children but for those who have sexual needs with Harry and Draco

  • Cheers, Potter.
    279K 12.3K 67

    After the Second Wizarding War, Malfoy found himself alienated from the majority of the school; his old friends just irritated him, all of Hogwarts' students (besides a few salty Slytherins) hated and feared him, and the school he'd once called home seemed to want him out. Draco felt more alone than he ever had... Tha...

    Completed   Mature