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  • jikook smut
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    {i dont write any !!}

  • I hate my step brother Jikook [✔]
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    Life could always get better... that's what Jimin always thought when he was in the orphanage, he hoped everyday he would get adopted into a loving family....then one day he did. He finally got adopted into a family he would love....only if it wasn't for his step brother. This fanfiction contains: Rape Abuse,Strong la...

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  • Feminine ♕ j.jk +
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    "Nice skirt." "D-dont tell anyone p-please, I-I'll do anything." "Anything?" ©teasejeon all rights reserved

  • Exchange student |JIKOOK|
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    Jimin is an exchange student coming from Korea to America. He is 17 and has to stay with a host family. He is going to school in America to become a better dancer. The education in America is better. Jungkook was a foster child, this family adopted him when he was 4 years old. They have taken care of him since then...

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    Where jungkook and jimin are married to each other, But they still cheat on each other with each other unknowingly. -Strict Husband -Top jungkook -taegi with a little bit of yoonseok [Was #4 in jikook THANK U]

  • BUT, WE'RE BROTHERS!!!-Jikook ff ✔
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    "So, next problem! If I have 27 candies and I eat 15-" "Appa" Jimin suddenly interrupts. He was so bored and a question was making him nervous. "Yes, honey?" "Wh-what is 'love'" he looked at his father with doe questioning eyes. "Well" Joon smiled, "It's when you want to live your life for a certain person, hug her, a...

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  • -jikook smuts-
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    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK jikook <3

  • stutter | jk.
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    in which park jimin has a stutter and sometimes his hand twitches, but that doesn't stop him from crushing on his and new roommate jeon jungkook and getting tangled into an awkward love feud. ©2016 solarkth complete

  • Perfect Match | Jeon Jungkook ✓
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    Where we can make you the perfect boyfriend. Welcome to Where would you like to start? How soon would you like your boyfriend? This is the power of the internet. Started: 03/25/2018 Finished: 05/31/2018 Edited: 06/14/2018

  • Will we ever be ok?
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    Jungkook fell in love with Jimin the moment he met him. And maybe things would have worked out had they dated properly and had Jungkook's jealously not gotten the best of him. But alas Jungkook just had to go and kidnap him and now Jimin wonders if they'll ever be ok? (I'm not very good at summaries) TW: ABUSE AND RAP...

  • Broken (Vminkook)
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    Taehyung is a boy who goes to school ALONE he eats ALONE sits ALONE this boy is broken and what makes it worse is his parents they both abuse him to the point where he cant walk anymore. He is one day sitting at the bus stop when a new kid comes and sits next to him his name was Park Jimin that boy made Taehyungs lif...

  • My life with BTS [voltooid]
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    Jill een meisje die heel erg houdt van BTS, krijgt eindelijk de kans om ze in het echt te zien. Maar daarvoor moet ze helemaal naar Korea toe, niet dat ze dat erg vind. Haar ouders, broer en zus gaan mee. Maar als Jill bij de Meet and Greet is, krijgt ze verschikkelijk nieuws te horen...

  • My son's tutor (Jikook)
    1.2M 92.4K 60

    Single parenthood has it's own complexities and hardships. Park Jimin is a single father battling his own demons and trying to raise his son. Just as he feels like he's got a grip on his emotions, in walks Jeon Jungkook, his son's math tutor. Highest- 220 in Fanfiction

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  • Fate of Ours [JIKOOK] [KOOKMIN]
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    Jeon Jungkook, being the heir of the Jeon Family (super damn rich) has been living his life as an international playboy. what happened when his father told him that he's getting married to his friend's son and threaten him to separate him from his beloved brother if he refuse? and what will happened to jimin once he m...

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  • KARMA || Jikook 《COMPLETED》
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    Highest Ranking: #1 😱😅 on November,1, 2018. "I'm not gay and if I was I would not have chosen that weird gangsta teenager to be my husband." - Jungkook. "Jungkook, you have to do it or they'll kill my wife and daughter." -Jungkook's brother. In which Jimin's father is a Gang leader and suffuring from a disease that...

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  • My School Love ~=Jungkook FF=~✔
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    de 7 populairste jongens worden mijn en Lisa's beste vrienden. Ik ben Kim Lana en ik vertel mijn verhaal hoe ik mijn eerste lievde kreeg op school. zijn naam is Jeon Jungkook. Begin: 24 Augustus 2018 Einde: 8 september 2018

  • Chasing Mr. Right
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    "It was one-sided love after all.. Why did I assumed that he'll gonna love me.. So stupid.." In which Jimin fell in love to his fellow class and soon to be best friend, Jeon Jungkook who just came back to the States to continue his highschool years.. Date Started: 04-05-18 Date Ended: 04-07-15

  • Why? || Jikook Fanfiction
    387K 27.8K 52

    Highest Ranking: #2 in Jeonlous 😁😱 On 1, feb, 2019. On a well planned deal Jungkook's father adopted Jimin but not legally from his family when he was an infant, soon when his parents died and his family was no longer interested in keeping him. Jimin raised up by his adorable foster parents and a twin brother Jungk...

  • Intoxicate Me • Jikook [Completed]
    15.9K 658 3

    Jimin is an omega. He goes to a hotel all the time through his heat. He meets Jungkook which is an Alfa. Each other's smells intoxicates one another.

    Completed   Mature
  • My bully falls in love with me..
    12.4K 441 19

    || Dutch FF || Y/N word gepest door Jeon Jungkook, de populairste jongen van de school. Hij heeft ook een groepje genaamd bts. En je broer Park Jimin zit in het groepje. En hij beschermt je voor Jungkook, maar hij doet op een dag opeens heel aardig tegen je?

  • {BTS JIKOOK FF} x J.jk | Accident (Dutch) |
    2.8K 171 16

    Waarin de moeder van een 17 jarige jongen genaamd Jeon Jungkook plots overlijdt. De jongen wist van niets. Zijn ouders waren gescheiden en Jungkook was bij zijn vader toen het ongeluk gebeurde. Jungkook ging bij zijn vader wonen en hij viel in een zware depressie. Totdat hij een jongen genaamd Park Jimin ontmoette. D...

  • Sorry • Jikook [Completed]
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    I was being beaten up while being cursed at. It hurts being treated like literal trash. I ran as fast as I could to the rooftop. Again,, it hurts to see people not stoping you from suicide not even a single damn teacher! I hate this. I jumped,, and I hit the ground,, and it was the end of me... was what I thought. com...

    Completed   Mature
  • alone ♕ jikook
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    •who knew you could be more broken even after you thought nothing could be worse than it already is• [jikook]

  • Skinny Love~ (Jikook)
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    Jungkook a suicidal boy Jimin a sweet angel discover Jungkooks secrets...

  • DM's // Jikook FF
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    @ParkJimin volgt je nu @ParkJimin heeft je foto geliked _____________________________________ @ParkJimin heeft je een bericht gestuurd! ParkJimin: Hoii _____________________________________ Stuur een bericht terug als toestemming dat deze gebruiker een bericht naar jou mag sturen. Als je geen toestemming geeft moet j...

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    "Are you sure I can't kill him?" "I'm sure." "Well, what if I break his nose a little?" Assassin! AU Criminal! AU Started: 09/24/2018 Ended:«»«»«»«»«»

    229K 15.3K 54

    "I'd rather be pecked to death by a flock of hummingbirds" "If you're telling me we can't do this, I'm gonna kick you somewhere you won't enjoy." Werewolf! AU YouTuber! AU START: 02/23/2018 END: «»«»«»«»«» «» Hebrew translation by: @worshipJisOosChriSt ❤️

    7.5K 713 5

    "Is that blood?" "No?" "That's not a question you're supposed to answer with another question!" High School! AU Undercover! AU Started: 11/16/2018 Ended: «»«»«»«»«»

    168K 12.2K 26

    "There's no such thing as a 'stupid question'" "What's in a mango salad?" "I stand corrected." Flower Shop! AU Tattoo Artist! AU Single Parents!AU Started: 03/22/2018 Ended: 10/10/2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Seoul United - JIKOOK
    185K 15.1K 26

    Park Jimin's dream is to become a professional football player. He's been playing all his life but has never had the opportunity to show his skills. That's until he accepts an offer to become the new ball boy for the most famous team in South Korea; Seoul United. Jimin thinks this will be the time of his life, howeve...