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  • ~Waiting For My Savior~ ( Peter Parker x Abused!Reader)
    1.1K 22 13

    Five years after I was born my Mother passed away, leaving my Dad to take care of me. He physically abuses me, because it's 'my' fault that my Mom died from Lung Cancer. My Dad enrolled me into Midtown Highschool, because i got expelled from my other school. (Even though I didn't do anything wrong.) _________...

  • Crazy Family (Spanking Story)
    60.4K 636 22

    A collection of one-shots about a family of four boys that get in trouble a lot. **contains spankings and other punishments** Don't like please don't read/hate

  • Rodrigo Zacara and the Mirror of Power
    23.1K 1.3K 18

    Rodrigo is used to his best friend, Oliver, getting him into trouble every once in a while but never had he imagined that one of his craziest ideas would take them to the Kingdom of Karinthia, a magical world where each person has a different power. Although Oliver loves adventure, he soon realises the danger they are...

  • Bereft (Book 1, the Bereft Series)
    2.2M 37.9K 14

    Sara Gaspard swore she'd do anything to find those responsible for her sister's death, but teaming up with the Sin of Pride is more than she bargained for. ***** Desperate and dying, Sara Gaspard promises her soul to the Sin of Pride if he'll find t...

  • Unintentional Love
    29 3 3

    "I don't know why I can't stay away from you. Everything reminds me of you. I can give it all up, if that means I get to be with you, I don't care. You worth more. I can't live without you, lord knows how I did it before, but now I can't. I love you more than anything else in this world" It was hate at first sight fo...

  • The Heartbroken Heartbreaker | PUBLISHED
    43.3M 1.2M 48

    "I'm not saying I'm attracted to you or anything," I suddenly blurted out, unable to keep myself from blushing. "Just that you are attractive. To others, I mean. You know, in general. Not, like, to me. So, I'm, um, not attracted to you." "Evans," he said, looking like he was trying not to smile, "I never said you were...

  • New hope New life (lrondad+spiderson)
    67.2K 2.1K 21

    Peter Parker has had a hard life.His parents died in a plane crash and his aunt and uncle was murdered.He lives in an abusive froster home but he still keeps up a happy face and makes the most of what he's got Tony Stark was not looking for anyone one to care for and was focus on doing his own thing but Pepper said t...

  • Spiderman and The Justice League
    6.3K 245 5

    Peter Parker is abused by Loki who kidnapped him when he was about 7 which was after his parents and Aunt and Uncle died. Peter gets hurt really badly by Loki and learns that he shouldn't mess with him. But a portal appears and Peter would do anything to get out but what will be on the other side? This is a Justice Le...

  • An Abused Orphan [Spider-Son FanFic]
    248K 7.3K 18

    ||#9 in 'adoption' ~ 7/15/2019 || Peter Parker is an orphan that lives at Golden Kids Orphanage. Ever since he was six he's been an orphan, and now he's fifteen, still searching for parents. Suddenly Peter Parker gets a Stark Internship, and begins to work with his idol the one the only, Tony Stark. But Tony begins to...

    Completed   Mature
  • From Bad to Good and Every Where in Between
    61.6K 1.8K 23

    After escaping Hydra during a mission, 13 year old Peter Parker is put into child protection services who bring him to an orphanage full of abuse. After a year of debate he decides to put on a mask as the vigilante Spiderman to use his powers to protect rather then kill. Soon his actions are noticed by Shield and the...

  • I'll Be There For You
    140K 3.9K 40

    Peter Parker has been surrounded by death his whole life, and he now considers it to be apart of him. Peter started to hide his emotions and became more independent after the death of his Uncle. After Aunt May suddenly disowns him, will someone be able to bring the happy Peter back? Or will he stay closed off forever...

  • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Brat // spanking fic
    65K 701 11

    Peter Parker may be your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but when he gets into trouble, at least he has Tony Stark there to help him and rein him back in. Warning: This is a spanking/discipline story! Highest ranking: #1 in nonsexual!

  • Football Coach
    3.3K 98 7

    Andrew or Andy, is a 12-year-old boy who skipped two grades to be in high school. He was put in the Football club, and meets the coach, Mr. Tomlinson, who's one of the most hardcore and strictest coaches in the whole town. Luckily for Andrew, Andy is a good player and loves the sport. But he still knows he messes up...

  • Punishment // 1-shots
    19.7K 129 4

    Just some naughty boys getting what they deserve. Not really smut*

  • troublesome
    75.2K 1.9K 23

    Harry Styles is a sensible, responsible man. Louis Tomlinson is a rude, disobedient boy. What happens when Louis' mother is fed up with his behavior and calls the only person she can think to call, her old friend Harry Styles. Can Louis trust Harry despite his abusive past? OR: "Hi, Lou, this is my friend Niall." I in...

  • One Direction Age Play Spanking
    80.2K 1.1K 14

    Louis, Liam and Zayn are sick and tired of Niall acting out and decide to punish him with Age Play. Harry gets spanked when he acts out, but there is no age play for him (unless the boys threaten him with it!) Also, Harry is not allowed to spank Niall

  • Why me? (Spanking) Don't like Do not read!
    194K 3.1K 28

    Description inside :)

  • News & Updates
    20.2M 187K 125

    Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more!

  • adopted [spanking story] / c.d
    132K 1.7K 23

    Cameron Dallas adopts 13 year old boy who is know as the "worst in the orphanage". Will the boy play by Cameron's rules ? Or maybe not.

  • Spanking Series
    28.2K 281 13

    Time Over Zayn: Imagine coming home late at night and finding that you're lover (Zayn) is waiting for you. He's angry at you, and you must be punished by getting a hand to the bum. Swearing Sailor: Louis's mouth becomes sour for a while, so Harry must resolve the problem. Shot Heard Around The World: Requested. Punish...

  • Father and Son
    16.8K 239 3

    A collection of one shots where Louis is Harry's Dad. {Contains Spanking}

  • Niall Horan spanking story
    2.4K 27 1

    Niall has returned home after the boys latest tour but has he gotten cocky and developed an attitude and his parents are going to take him down a peg or two

  • Uncle Ash~Daddy/A.F.I
    6.4K 77 11

    "Mum who's this?" "It's you uncle Ashton...your staying with him now!" ACHIEVED #1 SPANKED!