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  • Patriarchal Paragon
    203K 213 3

    Brutal. Restricted. Unforgiving. Confined by a patriarchal society, that is the world Elena and her fellow female counterparts dwell in. A domain where one step off of the line can land a female punishment by her mate, her father, her brother. Simple freedoms are off limits. Will the Moon open Her eye to the horrors...

  • Little Bit Dangerous | 1 | TO BE PUBLISHED
    345K 19.6K 34

    *WINNER of Best Cliche Breaker for Undiscovered Werewolves* "Underneath her skin was a wolf; all bite and snarl and nothing else." The day Saoirse de Rais made her Alpha submit is the day she decided to run. Traveling from city to city--state to state--she's at war with the wolf inside, threatening to tear through her...

  • Survival
    111K 4.6K 37

    Stephanie Armstrong lost everything and everyone she knew when she was just fifteen. Two years later she's pursuing her past alone on the road, but it's been far too long with far too little to show for it. Time has worn her down, and trouble seems to follow her wherever she settles down. Out of leads, she hopes to re...

  • The Heart of a Warrior
    502K 27.7K 47

    Daniel grew up under the tyranny of the most vicious alpha the world has seen in half a millennium. Emotions were weaknesses, weaknesses were threats, and threats were always eliminated. Hardened into the rogue she is today, she continues to do the only thing she knows; she fights. Fights for a better life for her son...

  • The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Series, #1)
    728K 48.2K 30

    Book One of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you know what it feels like to have your current reality torn from your grasp and a new one shoved in its place? Neither did Sutton Kendrick. Sutton had lived on Haven her entire life, floating above earth and the beasts that inhabited it. They were s...

  • Moon Child |✔|
    2.6M 146K 54

    Life or Death. It's the choice to be made within the Alba Rosa Pack when the Beta and his mate discover that they have been blessed with twins. Desperate to save the members of his pack, Alpha Jay calls in a strange healer to help. Wanderer. Seeker. Daisy. Her strange names carry with her as she arrives at Jay's...

  • The Hollow Moon (Downworlder Series, #2)
    399K 30.9K 32

    Book Two of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ High in the mountains, far from the cities that housed Doyens and the beasts they lorded over, lived a small girl named Emily Nezzera until her world changed in an instant. Torn from her mountains, her family, her pack, she was thrown to the pur...

  • Wolf's Wife (Monstrous Hearts #1)
    507K 19.4K 10

    Alice is twenty-four, far old enough to know that a change of scenery can't repair the cracks in a relationship long strained. But when her lover insists on a trip to a remote cabin to get away and recharge, Alice agrees... and discovers that among the beasts of the forest, there is one that shouldn't exist and yet d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caged
    83.6K 5.3K 35

    For Myra, eight years ago, the world went to hell. Once a free werewolf, her secret secure and her pack safe, now she is caged, trapped, locked away. Somehow, the humans found out their secret. Somehow, the humans found their pack. Somehow, the humans caught them. Once they had finished with her kind, they threw...

  • Connell
    219K 12.4K 32

    Every human needs a strong wolf to survive, And every strong wolf needs a human to calm the raging tide. So when a lonely male wolf meets a small pack of only two, He begins to love what's not his, because he does not listen to the Moon. ~ A young female werewolf and her five year old pup meet a lonely Alpha rogue o...

    237K 2.2K 64

    Timmory Cross, a restless university student and newly-turned werewolf, must navigate her complicated double life while hunting the beast that turned her. ***** Timmory Cross has always lived in the stifling, student-run town of Wolfville, Nova...

  • Wolf's Bane (Monstrous Hearts #2)
    407K 21.4K 24

    In the months since escaping an abusive relationship, Alice has sought peace living in the wilderness with Colton, her mysterious lover who shifts from man to wolf at will. There in the shadows of the woods, she hopes to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. But ghosts have a way of stirring from their graves, and Ali...

    Completed   Mature
  • WOLFSKIN (formerly known as: The 7th Claim).
    43.7K 1.9K 11

    Matched. That was the word he used for what was between us. Matched. For me, there would be no conceding. But his defeat. Matched. He used the word between our space. A binding word that my will rebels against. Matched. 'Bind me beneath the Wolfskin, he said.' Matched. He may have this town fooled and cowardly bowing...

  • Moon Bound - PART I & II - (Book 1 in the Original ROYAL HOWLERS Duology) ✔
    340K 17.3K 70

    *NOTE: THIS STORY HAS TWO PARTS IN ONE BOOK* In the werewolf fables told to their children, was a story--- a legend--- of a ruler--- a leader--- who would be born as the peace maker for their species. This leader would be the answer to a broken road, a 'Chosen One' who would provide a better future. Though it is a fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Guardian
    22.9K 1.6K 23

    A murder. A conspiracy. A scandal. And the man holding the key long dead. *** Alpha Xanor's rule is calm, peaceful, and prosperous. The realm is happy, the people content. Never has the werewolf kingdom experienced such harmony. Perhaps it is time for the wolv...

  • Slaves to the Moon | DRAFT
    68.4K 4K 28

    1st, 2nd and 3rd place rankings in the Undiscovered Wolves Book of the Year' awards! Undiscovered Wolves September Book of the Month! ○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ The life of a werewolf isn't always an easy one, especially when you despise the very existence of the beast within you. From a past she can barely remember to a pre...

  • Female ✔️
    376K 22.5K 34

    COMPLETED! "You are weak, unstable, and arrogant! You are not a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright. "Grow up, pup! Look at yourself!" My hands shake as he taunts me, travelling up my arms until my whole body is vibrating. "No!" I scream, voice more animal than anythi...

  • Mated to the Blood hound
    1.7K 109 25

    When Alpha Lehrer was a child, his memories with his mother revolved her telling him about the story about the Blood Hound. According to legend, their ancestors found a mangled corpse in the forest floor in their patrolling sweeps. His mom would emphasize the body wasn't mauled, it seemed as if the blood had found it...

  • The People's Alpha ✔
    6.7K 594 44

    Living in a world filled with wannabe tinpot dictators (aka Alphas), pack members who disagree with his every move, and dispossessed rogues, Alpha Jim of the Shadow Bluff Pack has given up on the idealism of his youth. The world he inhabits has inured him to dealing with the impasse of pack politics with practiced ind...

  • Amber Eyes
    1.3K 87 10

    My Submission for the AMLkoski contest.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Bites (Crescent City Werewolves: The Short Stories)
    41.4K 2K 14

    A collection of stories all connected by one thing: Crescent City, the domain of werewolves. Slip through the streets of this city of magic and luxury, and you'll see alpha-kings with scars beneath their suits and blood staining the diamonds worn by their queens. Humans may be found there, too, scraping out a life in...

  • Bonded in Darkness(18+)*Slow Updates*
    168K 5.5K 22

    **WEREWOLF FANTASY** #1 in Brutal 18+ MATURE THEMES "And if you were to encourage another's attention... let them touch you and taste like I have... I will lie you down next to their bloody corpse and claim you where all can see..." The words rumble deep from his chest as he speaks the words onto the soft skin of my t...

  • Wolf Bitten (Origin, #1)
    201K 1.5K 7

    Lycanthrope. The idea itself was impossible. Could the lore actually be true? Joey Sumner didn't expect to find that answer in a hike through the forest, but the world is not what it seems. Thrown into a life where dominance struggles could mean death and men rule, Joey isn't sure she has it in her to stay on top. New...

    Completed   Mature