Stephanie Armstrong lost everything and everyone she knew when she was just fifteen.
    Now, two years later, she’s pursuing her past alone on the road, but it’s been far too long with far too little to show for it. Time has worn her down, and trouble seems to follow her wherever she settles down. Out of leads and will, she hopes to recuperate in a small town in Massachusetts.
    Being an outsider in a white picket fence town proves to be more difficult than she’d expected, until she finds friends in tough-love Kirsten and ever-quiet Daniel.
    But when the secrets she’s been carrying forever come back to bite her, she has to figure out whether it is really possible to live the life she longs for with such a twisted past.
@Midnightlover123 I don't know what I did but I clicked ur comment and it glowed so, sorry if it means something bad! Gahhh!
I like this girls ATTITUDE! WHOOO. MMM, I'm looking forward to the sequel 'Instinct' haha my time is not about to be wasted on some cliche book. Good. I like it.
Oh My Goodness. This is so well written I can't wait to read on. I have read way to many cliché werewolf stories and it gets dull after a while, but I read 'em anyway 'cause I love werewolves. I can't wait to read your book,oh this is so exciting.
no love ? seriously ? or is it because she think of love not being a part of her life ?
Right from the start you told me this isn't a cliche werewolf book... i know ima love it now lol
This is wonderful introduction, that sets you apart from other werewolf stories. It definitely grabbed my attention!